))Souldish Featured Event((

==Saturday, July 10==

Tryptophantasia II – Psychedelic Animation Film Screening

Tryptophantasia is a psychotropic event that brings to you some of
the best, cream of the crop, underground, psychedelic animations,
videos and experimental clips the universe has yet to offer.

Video Artists so far…

Kaliptus Http://Kaliptus.Com/
Ryan Uhrich & Marcos Ceravolo Http://Duelity.Net/
Stieg Retling Http://Www.Plasticflesh.Com/
Daniel Braga Http://Www.Bamstudio.Com.Br/
Rita Sa Http://Www.Rita-Sa.Com/
Shiouwen Hong Http://Www.Facebook.Com/Shiouwenh
Steve Scott – Http://Www.Stevescott.Com.Au/
Paul Clark – Http://Www.Paulclarkanimation.Com/
Taili Wu – Http://Www.Tailiwu.Com/
Jacob Rendell – Http://Vimeo.Com/Jacobrendell
Aghori Christ – Http://Vimeo.Com/User2943132
Many The Uncanny Http://Manitheuncanny.Blogspot.Com/?Zx=Ad5f5836e6ab38b7
Live Art By Martin Cash Http://Www.Facebook.Com/Iamunclegus?Ref=Ts
More Artists And Info Coming Soon…

Sponsored by Souldish & Evolver; Hosted by Salma Shamy Chiu;
Organized/Directed by Kaliptus

(7p – 10p, $5 Tickets/$7 At the door)
Wild Project NYC
195 East 3rd Street
For more info contact: [email protected]; [email protected]

))Other Events((

==June 29==

Deepening the Shamanic Experience

With Itzhak Beery.  This “mini-apprenticeship” is for those who have
had some exposure to shamanism and some experience of journeying into
non-ordinary states but who wish to go deeper, either to make shamanism
part of their daily practice or to add its age-old healing methods to
their repertoire of healing practices. We will explore rituals and
practices from several traditions, including those of the Ecuadorian
Quechua and of the Brazilian Amazon; shamanic journeying to the upper,
middle and lower worlds; the role of power animals and teachers; the use
of huachas (sacred items); how to set up and properly use a sacred
altar from which to draw power; chants and the role of music in healing;
shamanic divination; the development of intuition; healing techniques;
and, most importantly, how to protect oneself from negative energies.
Weekly homework will be given.  Note: Bring drums and/or rattles if you
have them, as well as eye coverings, a blanket, a journal and a pen.
Sage will be burned in class.  Itzhak Beery is a NYC-based shamanic
healer who conducts shamanic workshops in the U.S., Israel and Hawaii.
He trained intensively with the Ecuadorian Quechua, Shuar,
Uru-eu-wau-wau and other South American indigenous shamans, and is a
co-founder of the NY Shamanic Circle.

A Weekly Course  (5 sessions) Tuesdays, June 29–July 27
(7:45–10pm, Members: $150 / Nonmembers: $165)
NY Open Center
22 E. 30th St.

==Wednesday, June 30==

Surf Art, Music, Ocean Info, & a chance for Jack Johnson Tickets!

Join us on Wednesday June 30, 6pm-10pm at Pop’s Garage in Normandy
Beach to raise funds and awareness to stop ocean pollution and to learn
what you can do to help. We will be raffling two lawn tickets to Jack
Johnson’s July 13th sold out concert at PNC Bank Arts Center in
Holmdel, NJ.  Great food, great music, great art! BYOB.  Check out this
link for info on Jack Johnson’s All At Once Campaign.

(6p – 10p, $ Fundraiser)
Pop’s Garage
Route 35 North
Normandy Beach, NJ

==Tuesday, July 6==

The Path of Rama

Six-Part Series on Valmiki’s Ramayana, Every Tuesday July 6- Aug 10. 
The 80,000-verse Ramayana is one of literature’s great works. For
thousands of years it has informed the cultures of India and Southeast
Asia. It was the inspiration behind the Star Wars films and is among the
most translated works in history. This series will explore the epic
tale through storytelling, paintings, music and dance. Come and immerse
yourself in the mystical, romantic, sometimes bizarre and always
inspiring saga of Prince Rama and Princess Sita.  Presented by Joshua M.
Greene & Rasanath.  Recommended text: R.K. Narayan’s “The
Ramayana: A Short Prose Rendering”

(8p to 9:30p, $18 drop-in)
Jivamukti Yoga School
841 Broadway , 2nd fl.

==Tuesday, July 6==

Runaway Circus at House of Yes

The Runaway Circus and the Loose Cabooses performance troupe has
astounded the Asheville area with their breathtaking performances in the
Cold Cut Circus, the Extremely Soon Circus, and Sun-Up Giddyup. With
extraordinay feats of acrobatics, juggling, diablo, clowning and musical
talent, they are sure to leave any audience member with their jaw
dropped and their stomach aching from laughter. Members of this troupe
have studied the circus arts extensively in San Francisco, Chicago, Los
Angeles, and Seattle.  Featuring music by The Sugarfoot Serenaders – 4
piece, harmonies, accordian, keyboard, drums, viola, uke banjo, banjo,
clarinet, saw

(doors 8p, show 8:30 sharp, $10 suggested donation)
The House of Yes
342 Maujer St., BK
Take L train to Grand St.

==July 9-11==

Harnessing Soul Force, Building Love

A new workshop by Rachel Mann, PhD.  Mohandas Gandhi coined the word
satyagraha, translated as Soul Force.  Soul Force is the power we draw
on when we face our inner and outer challenges with courage, love and
peace.  In shamanic teachings, this is known as “power” or being in
ayni, or right relationship with all things.  It is the power of love. 
Join Rachel Mann in exploring how to harness Soul Force in yourself
through the practices of Peruvian shamanism.  Firekeeping, ritual,
meditations on lovingkindness and, art will be part of this
self-exploratory weekend. Rachel Mann, PhD is a shamanic healer trained
in the energy medicine of the Q’ero people of the Peruvian Andes. Her
experience and interest in shamanism and indigenous spirituality and
healing reaches back 15 years.  She is a an anthropologist and
folklorist who teaches on the topics of the new shamanism in the West,
Gandhi, and in the field of peace and violence studies. She has a
private client healing practice in Charlottesville, VA and works as a
consultant to organizations dealing with problems of violence.  She
publishes two occasional newsletters, Shamanism in a New Age and
Explorations in Kindness. Her writings on shamanism, violence, peace,
and spirituality have appeared in both scholarly and popular journals.

July 9-11
Bridge Between the Worlds Retreat Center
Charlottesville, VA
http://www.mettaknowledge.com, email [email protected] or call

[email protected]

===========Souldish Discount==========

Souldish Energy Healing Discount with Jonathan Talat Phillips

I’m offering $15 off energy healings (per hour) for the Souldish
community.  My practice integrates a unique combination of hands on
healing Reiki techniques and Bionergetic Therapy to help clients
overcome trauma and illness, while reclaiming their personal power. 
This modality treats anxiety, sleep-loss, grief, depression, physical
ailments, addictions, unresolved family issues, past-life trauma, astral
attachments, and more. It’s also helpful in connecting with your
spirit guides and guardian angels.  If interested, send me an email at
jonathan (at) evolver (dot) net.