As someone who has written extensively
on indigenous prophecies relating to this time, it is hard for me to escape the
uneasy presentiment that the massive, ceaseless, devastating cascade of what may be more
than 100,000 barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico each day – apparently still
mixed with the far more toxic dispersant Corexit that British Petroleum
continues to inject, despite EPA objections – is anything but the inception of
a new phase in the foretold unfolding of events that may terminate most life on
earth, potentially leading to the rapid extinction of the human species. Recent
articles reveal
that there is a gigantic bubble of methane gas underneath the
Gulf of Mexico, which has helped to create the enormous pressure that makes it
unlikely, if not impossible, that the Deepwater Horizon oil spill can be
stopped by human means. Video taken by undersea robots show oil and gas leaking
from many fissures in the earth, far beyond the range of the well hole. This
suggests that the underground containment structure is cracking apart. If the
current effort to build relief wells fails or is ineffective, there are no more
known technological fixes available.

to  D. K. Matai, writing on The
Huffington Post
, “The “flow team” of the US Geological Survey estimates that
2,900 cubic feet of natural gas, which primarily contains methane, is being
released into the Gulf waters with every barrel of oil.” If the estimates of
over 100,000 barrels of oil leaking per day is correct, this means that over 16
billion cubic feet of gas may have been emitted, “making it one of the most
vigorous eruptions in modern history,” writes Matai, an engineer and co-founder of The Asymmetric Threats Contingency Alliance. The huge methane deposits beneath the
Gulf were well-known as a risk factor for drilling operations, which did not
apparently dissuade corporations like British Petroleum from shirking
regulatory safeguards in order to drill at the edge of known technology, 5,000
feet under the ocean floor and then 30,000 feet (imagine a distant speck of
airplane far above the ground for a comparision) beneath that, into the core of
the earth. Methane is a major contributor to global warming, turning into
carbon dioxide once released.

Matai along with other engineers, scientists, and journalists have laid out is a possible
scenario where the methane, pushing up with enormous pressure, could lead to a
gas explosion: “A methane bubble this large – if able to escape from under the
ocean floor through fissures, cracks and fault areas – is likely to cause a gas
explosion. With the emerging evidence of fissures, the tacit fear now is this:
the methane bubble may rupture the seabed and may then erupt with an explosion
within the Gulf of Mexico waters. The bubble is likely to explode upwards
propelled by more than 50,000 psi [pounds per square inch] of pressure,
bursting through the cracks and fissures of the sea floor, fracturing and
rupturing miles of ocean bottom with a single extreme explosion.”

methane gas explosion would be immediately followed by a series of enormous
tsunamis engulfing Florida and the southern coast of the US. At the same time,
during the day when this explosion takes place, “several billion barrels of oil
and gas” will be released, as freezing water rushes into the enormous cavity,
turning immediately into steam. There are many earthquake fault lines running
from the Gulf through Mexico and much of the South West of America that might
be triggered by a sudden collapse of the ocean floor due to such an event.
“Could this be how nature eventually seals the hole created by the Gulf of
Mexico oil gusher?” Matai asks. Of course, this is only one scenario, and it is
unknown if this will occur, or what the timetable might be.

such a devastating scenario does not take place, there is still the continuing
spill, and the high likelihood that our current known and available
technologies will be unable to address it. In this case, we may soon see the
Gulf of Mexico area and the Southern coastline rendered uninhabitable. As the
Christian Science Monitor has reported in its article, “Raining Oil in
Louisiana? Video suggests Gulf oil spill causing crude rain,”
there is some
evidence that oil is beginning to rain down on inland areas of Louisiana.
“Crude oil doesn’t evaporate, but some are speculating that oil mixed with Corexit
9500, the dispersant that BP is using on the ever-growing slick, could take to
the air.” As Kerry Kennedy, from the Robert F Kennedy Center for Justice and
Human Rights, stated in an interview on CNN,  the average life expectancy of cleanup workers on the Exxon
Valdez oil spill was 51 years old. “Almost all those people who did work on the
Exxon Valdez are now dead,” she stated. “And BP still here, once again, is big
oil not giving the information to the doctors and health care officials.”
According to Kennedy, cleanup workers in the Gulf “had been told by BP that the
didn’t need respirators. Apparently, they’re concerned about poor media images
of people wearing respirators and rubber gloves and starting, quote,

widely reported, hurricane season is now upon us. Hurricanes could potentially
carry the extremely toxic crude oil mingled with the even more poisonous
Corexit hundreds of miles inland, creating either a slow-motion mass murder of
the local populations or forcing the government to execute a total evacuation
from the area. As the oil travels up the coastline over the next years, coastal
cities facing the Atlantic and Pacific may also become uninhabitable “Haz Mat”
sites. Caribbean islands such as Cuba and Jamaica will be devastated, as will
be the coastline of Mexico.

I explored in previous works, I am convinced that we are reaching the hinge
point of a shift in human consciousness and the earth that will either lead to
a rapid transformation of our way of life, our “civilization” and its basic
paradigm, or the termination of our species in a series of intensifying
cataclysms. One clear reason for this is that our technological powers continue
to advance rapidly, while those who are currently in control of these galvanic
forces reveal a dangerously reduced consciousness, a lack of forethought based
on their self-centered greed, combined with a complete absence of ethical and
moral development. As Rolling Stone recently exposed in a great piece of investigative journalism, the bungled handling of
the oil spill was preceded by the gutting of the regulatory system that
monitored such operations, revealing once again the government’s capitulation
to corporate interests. It seems increasingly obvious that, if we wish to survive as a species, the current ruling corporate, political, and financial elite – working
seamlessly together to bring about our collective suicide – must be
deposed, replaced by a new orchestration of civil society, an openly democratic
and truly transparent system, where nothing is hidden, where profit is not the only motivation, and all have a voice.

the Deepwater Horizon cataclysm spreads gigantic dead zones in the Gulf,
exterminating vast ecosystems of marine life, threatening millions of human
beings with illness, dislocation, and death, potentially blossoming into an
extinction-level event, British Petroleum CEO Tony Hayward continues to display
the profound lack of remorse and the blithe disinterest we recall from the
tenure of the last Bush to occupy the White House. Recently, he attended a
yacht race off the as-of-yet-unsullied English coast, while his public
statements include the infamous “I’d like my life back” and the equally
extraordinary, “The Gulf of Mexico is a very big ocean.” Despite extensive
scientific documentation of the extreme toxicity of crude oil, Hayward has
suggested that “growing health problems among clean-up workers may be related
to food poisoning, rather than their exposure to crude oil and dispersants.”
Our corporate and financial culture instills a mindset of
sociopathic disregard, and the system permits certain psychological profiles to
thrive within it: those capable of disassociating their actions from any moral
consequences. What should be an extreme liability in a complex and
interconnected world shared by a multitude of living beings has become an asset
for our corporate, financial, and political masters – the current ruling elite
who congregate at events like the annual Bilderberg gathering, who see massive
loss of life as “collateral damage” along the way to their next golf game or
yachting match. By now, it seems fairly obvious that Barack Obama is one of
this breed, indistinct from the rest.

deformed individuals lack the capacity for empathy,” writes Chris Hedges in his
essay, ‘BP and the Little Eichmanns.’ “They are at once banal and dangerous.
They possess the peculiar ability to organize vast, destructive bureaucracies
and yet remain blind to the ramifications. … The corporations, and those who
run them, consume, pollute, oppress and kill. The little Eichmanns who manage
them reside in a parallel universe of staggering wealth, luxury and splendid
isolation that rivals that of the closed court of Versailles. The elite,
sheltered and enriched, continue to prosper even as the rest of us and the
natural world start to die… And our business schools and elite universities
churn out tens of thousands of these deaf, dumb and blind systems managers who
are endowed with sophisticated skills of management and the incapacity for
common sense, compassion or remorse.” Like the bail out of Wall Street, the BP
oil spill disaster makes evident – if more evidence was needed – that, in the
United States, the corporations and the government have merged into a single
power, a destructive force founded on the mindset of Empire, seeking domination
of nature through technology, and control of consciousness through incessant
indoctrination via the corporate-controlled media. There is zero possibility
that our atrophied electoral system will interrupt or impede this juggernaut.

try to maintain faith that the human spirit will awaken in time to liberate
itself from the prison that has been built around it. While my doubts grow, I
continue to work for that result – to hope and to pray for it. What
seems more likely is that the great churning multitude of humanity will choose
to remain distracted, disconnected, pursuing narcissistic aims, vain and
virtual pleasures, as the natural world, the generative earth, crumbles around
them. On what the Russian mystic G I Gurdjieff called our “ill-fated planet,” most people apparently
prefer to die rather than awaken to the situation, think for themselves, and
join together in a collective movement to restore the earth and build a sustainable and equitible global society. Many of us can see the
awakening happening, but it seems to be coming far too slowly, in hesitant fits
and starts, while the destructive force also grows in strength, pumping up the
volume on mind control technologies, predatory drones able to assassinate from
a distance, data-mining intelligence operations, and all the rest of the
sterile evils that our technocrat sociopaths can envision and unleash.

are aspects of my current view of the world: the faltering of my faith, that
horrible presentiment that the forces of disillusion and destruction have
already triumphed, that creepy familiar feeling (as if I already experienced
this, long ago, on some other lost world, many forgotten splinters of incarnated
lifetimes ago) of failure and futility. On another level, I feel an equally
uncanny presentiment that all of this is still going perfectly according to plan,
that the script of our collective world movie/space oddysey has to unscroll or
unfurl in just this stomach-clenching way, toward its still mysterious
denouement. Observing my own life, I see that it often takes a drastic crisis
to spur me into action – perhaps that is the only way change ever takes place,
on the individual or species level.

environmental and economic meltdown could clear away all the obstacles and
obstructions that keep us from attaining clarity, from putting into practice
what we know intuitively to be true. Is it possible that the Jungian archetypal
Self – the increasingly humanized god-image that seeks to incarnate in our
human world – must bring about the complete breakdown of what is known and
familiar, to open the space for what can only be revealed, in the fullness –
and emptiness – of time? Perhaps we can only reach the depth dimensions of our
higher being through an unfolding mega-crash that exposes all levels of
delusion and self-deception, that forces those of us who desire illumination to
break all the bonds, the “mind-forg’d manacles,” that keep us from attaining
liberation. Or perhaps I am only making a hopeful story out of the toxic rubble
and radioactive fragments that will soon be all that remains of our ruined world,
if the corporate sociopaths and Little Eichmanns have their way.

consider the geyser in the Gulf to be analagous to the rupturing of the
amniotic sac that occurs at the end of 
pregnancy. This event presages the birth of the new being, who must be forced
by a terrifying and life-threatening crisis to use the organs he or she has
developed over the previous months – developed without knowing what purpose
they serve or how they function. Like the fetus at the end of the pregnancy,
the human race has devoured the stored resources within our mother’s secure
womb, the fossil fuels buried deep underground, and now we must learn to
survive on new forms of energy, taking the initiative on our own.

the course of history, humanity has developed delicate and sensitive organs of
consciousness and perception, without truly knowing their eventual meaning or
purpose. Unlike other species, we have a tremendous excess of communicative
capacity, leading us to make art, write novels, dance, compose symphonies, imagine
elaborate inner worlds. How do we know that these seemingly marginal aspects –
aspects that seem to have little to do with our survival as a species – are
not, in fact, essential to our unfolding evolutionary trajectory? Aboriginals
in Australia believe the sacred task of humanity is to “sing the world into
being,” communicating with the ancestors in the Dreamtime. Perhaps, through an
awakening of our imaginative and psychic faculties, we can restore this
primordial communion, and reopen doorways that modern society slammed shut long

creative capacities are one legacy of our species’ recent history, a new
extension or organ of 
consciousness that has developed along with our increasing technical and
technological capabilities. Another aspect of our evolution can be found in the
world’s esoteric knowledge systems. These systems give us tools for evolving
consciousness, for perceiving and interacting with other dimensions of reality.
We learn from the traditions of mystery schools that humans are capable of
performing marvelous and magical feats that overturn the apparent physical
“laws” proposed by science. Up until now, such manifestations have appeared
rarely, usually linked to a particular person – books like In Search of the
Miraculous or The Autobiography of a Yogi describe many psychic feats of
certain masters. In our modern desacralized world, there are also many
well-reported accounts of “miracles” – inexplicable psychic phenomena – such as
mothers suddenly able to lift 3,000 pound vehicles off of their children after
an accident, and so on – acounts of powers that exist in one moment, but
afterwards seem to fade into nonexistence.

the same way that electricity was once inaccessible to us until engineers
learned to channel it in the early 19th Century, is it conceivable
that these psychic or psycho-physical capacities could become steadily available to
people through a disciplined training, once the mechanisms behind them are better
understood? I believe that we are currently in transition from the physical to
the psychic phase of our evolution as a species. In order to manifest this, we would need to develop a shared realization that such a shift is possible.
This requires an open dialogue on the legitimacy of psychic phenomena and synchronicity, building a foundation for general acceptance of the powers and potencies contained within the
psyche. I am compelled by Rupert Sheldrake’s theories around “morphic
resonance” and the “morphogenetic field” that forms when sudden inspirations
and breakthroughs become habits and patterns, creating what scientists
mistakenly call “laws.” Those who have broken through to a new level of
understanding need to create the template, strengthen the morphogenetic field,
before the larger population can comprehend what is happening, and make a transition.

is now agonizingly obvious that humans do not change their ways until they are
far outside of their comfort zone. It is only at the point of death that
transmutation becomes possible. Perhaps the rampant desecration of the physical
world is going to force the more conscious subset of humanity to purify their
intentions, clearing cobwebs from the shadowy corners of the psyche, to access
extrasensory capacities on a regular basis. Many of us have experiences of this
energy, this potential, but the manifestations tend to occur at uncontrollable
junctures and in mysterious ways. In my own life, I have found that psychically
charged events occur at certain highly charged junctures, which seem to reveal
the working of a synchronic order, as if some form of superconsciousness, when magnetized
by the energy of intention, can ripple through the underpinnings of our 3-D
reality, causing changes that seem beyond the parameters of what we generally
accept as possible. Can we learn to access these capacities on a regular basis,
like the dependable current we get from electricity? If we can come into
alignment with this superconscious shaping force, we may be able to begin to
heal the wounds of Gaia, to stop tormenting the generative earth that shelters
us and gives us life. I think it is quite possible that even the course of
seemingly unstoppable biospheric and geophysical events, like climate change or
the oil spill, could be altered through collective psychic effort, much as
indigenous groups like the Hopi used initiatory ritual and trance dances to
bring rain down from the sky.

pray this is the universe’s wager for us: that we will go beyond our current
ruts and limitations, that we will manifest a future of imaginative joy by
stepping into our potential, becoming the wizards, warriors, and initiates that
the world needs so desperately now. As Nietzsche pointed out accurately, “man”,
in his current form, can only be a transitional creature. Either we are rapidly
approaching the terminus point for our species or we can collectively choose to
transmute, creating an evolutionary implosion, from the physical to the psychic
realm. As the oil gushes forth and the earth’s resources disappear, it may be
that we can learn to thrive on subtler and far more powerful forms of energy.
Working together, we can guide the world toward its next phase of being – a
plateau of intensified consciousness and synchronic coherence, in which
conscious evolution becomes both sacred game and participatory art form.


Image: "Phoenix" by Jurvetson on Flickr courtsey of Creative Commons Licensing