Dimensional Shift: The Reality Sandwich Fall Retreat

With Alex & Allyson Grey, Graham Hancock & the RS Editorial Team 

(Schedule listed at bottom)

Oct 12-17, Boulder, UTAH

Reality Sandwich invites you to embark on a five-day transformative journey into the mystical realms of tomorrow. Explore, discuss, and manifest new dimensions of possibilities in one the most beautiful and sacred spots in the American Southwest (and on Earth).  Join this intimate RS community gathering for interactive talks and workshops with some of the key trailblazers in the frontiers of consciousness.  Featuring visionary artists and Cosm co-founders Alex and Allyson Grey, renowned “Fingerprints of the Gods” author and “Inter-dimensional Indiana Jones” Graham Hancock, "Heaven's Mirror" photographer Santha Faila, RS publisher and digital democracy pioneer Ken Jordan, Evolver.net director and Bioenergetic healer Jonathan Talat Phillips, and RS creative director and Universus artist Michael Robinson.  Mitch Shultz, director of “DMT: The Spirit Molecule” will host a
special screening and Q&A about the film; sculpture artist Harlan
Emil Gruber will have us soaking up the “evolving energies” and sacred
geometry of the Earth with his Sapphire Portal, and Scott Whitaker will spin electrifying dance beats with his mobile, solar-powered DJ
booth and art installation, The Solar Saucer.  Also featuring Evolver SF’s yogini Regina Gelfo and Evolver LA’s “agent of transformation” Baza Novic.  .
We’ll explore topics ranging from sacred art to new paradigms of partnership, alien Christology to the secrets of lost civilizations, bioremediation of the Gulf to gift culture dynamics, Gaian technology to galactic alignments, psychedelic revivals to spiritual activism.  Activities include pictograph explorations, energy medicine workshops, interactive sacred geometry, slot canyon adventures, open source rituals, kundalini yoga, music, meditation, and more.  Horse-riding and massage is available at an additional cost.

Join us on this heart-opening odyssey as we ignite, awaken, and inspire dimensional shifts within the world, each other, and ourselves.








Last year we held two Reality Sandwich retreats at the Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch, and they are already legendary. These were truly transformative events for many who joined us for several days of mind-expanding discussions and workshops in the stunning desert landscape.  Don't miss this year's retreat. It's an event you'll remember for the rest of your life.  (Proceeds will go to the Evolver Social Movement & Cosm).

About the Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch

The Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch is co-owned and interdependently operated by two Evolver directors (Ron Johnson and Brandie Hardman Johnson)  who have held many amazing and successful retreats on site over the last year.  The ranch is located on 166 acres of breathtaking views overlooking the Grand Staircase-Escalante. The property is surrounded by two million acres of Dixie National Forest giving you all the serenity and beauty the area has to offer. Hiking (to a waterfall), observing nature and exploring an indigenous ecosystem can be done right from the property or you can take advantage of the wonders of the surrounding area.  Access to Boulder Mountain Swells (highest peak 11,328 ft.) and the famous Boulder Mountain Hells Backbone Bridge is just a few minutes away.

Boulder Mountain with a 50,000 acre summit makes up half of the Aquarius Plateau, a heavily forested area that descends upon slick rock, slot canyons and desert grottos. You can experience five of the planet's seven “life zones” in a 15 mile decent to 4,800 ft. elevation, as well as the largest biomass on the planet (an Aspen grove). National Geographic ranked this area as the third healthiest ecosystem on Earth.  The ranch is one mile from the Northeast border of the Escalante-Grand Staircase National Monument which consists of 1.9 million acres of waterfalls, slick rock, sandstone and slot canyons, unique rock formations, palentology and cliff terraces. Anasazi and Freemont Indian dwellings, petroglyphs and pictographs scatter this wonderland that is chock-full of adventure, pristine landscapes and abundant wildlife.







Lodging, Dining & Reservations

Pricing below includes workshop fee, guided hikes, activities, all your healthy delicious meals and snacks. Our new world class kitchen provides local and organic beef, pork, chicken, eggs and produce. All bread and pastry items are made fresh and baked daily. Menu available upon request. Delicious vegetarian, non vegetarian and vegan meal choices will be available.

To make a reservation or for more information please contact David [email protected] or Brandie at [email protected]
or call the Ranch at 435-335-7480. Limited space available. Please call or write for accommodation details.

We are offering a variety of accommodations during the Dimensional Shift retreat at the Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch from camping to private cabins. We only have accommodations for 50 people so tickets really are limited. Make sure to reserve soon.

Below you will find descriptions of different lodging options. Please don’t hesitate to call or write with questions or for further clarification…that’s what we’re here for.
Please refer to the descriptions and photos for more information…the photos may paint a better picture (soon to come). Prices below do not include tax.

Evolvers Social Movement members receive a $100 discount.

Private Cabin: Queen bed with additional bunk bed (sleeps 4). Private bath and deck. Dinette with mini-fridge, microwave and coffeemaker.  $1500 per person based on double occupancy. Additional guests are $400 per person.  Basically if you and your 3 other of your companions you can rent a private cabin for $950 per person or $158 per day.

Private room: Queen Bed with private bath inside main lodge. (sleeps 1-2) $1300 single occupancy/$1800 double occupancy or $216 per day single occupancy or $150 per day double occupancy.

Semi-private room: Queen bed in private room and a full bed in additional room. There is a shared bathroom for the two rooms. Private deck. $1000 per person or $166 per day (not a co-ed room)

We have found that people have made great friends when opting to share space and room with others.

Shared Cabin: King bed with four additional twins in upper loft (sleeps 5-6). Private bath and deck. Dinette with mini-fridge, microwave and coffeemaker.  $750 per person or $125 per day. (not a co-ed cabin)

Shared bunk rooms: There are 3 bunk rooms in the upper level of our main lodge. The three bunk rooms share two main bathrooms adjacent to the rooms. There is a common sitting area and deck on the upper level as well. Each room has a different bed configuration. Descriptions are below. $650 per person or $108 per day.
•    Twin over full bunk bed with additional bunk bed (sleeps 4-5).
•    Two sets of bunk beds (sleeps 4)
•    Full futon fold out with coil/cotton spring mattress additional bunk bed (sleeps 3-4)

Showers are available for all accommodations below.

Geodesic domes: A 16 ft diameter dome with a queen bed, water basin, pellet stove and small sitting area with adjacent port-a-john. Linens and towels supplied. Linens and towels supplied. (sleeps 1-2) $900 single occupancy/ $700 double occupancy or $150 per day single occupancy/$116 double occupancy

Wall Tents: Queen bed (not an air mattress) or two twins beds (also not an air mattress) in a 10×10 space with water basin, sitting area, pot-belly stove and adjacent port-a-john .Linens and towels supplied (sleeps 1-2) $800 single occupancy/$650 double occupancy or $133 per day single occupancy/$108 per day double occupancy

RV: Bring your camper, trailer or pop up. We have water and electrical outlets but no dumping stations although there is one in the town of Boulder. $600 per person/ $100 per day

Camping: B.Y.O.T Bring your own tent. Port-a-johns adjacent to group camping site $500 per person. We only have 15 camping spots available. $83 per day

Pets: We LOVE pets but not everyone does. We discourage bringing your pet but if you have to just know that pets must be kept on a leash and will not be allowed in main lodge, cabins nor in any common area.

Read an article about the last Utah retreat.


Testimonials From Previous Utah Retreats

"The retreat in Utah was an amazing opportunity to listen, hang, and generally probe several seminal psychedelic thinkers all while unplugging from the airwaves and intranet transmissions of our daily lives (there was nothing on the radio!). The land was beautiful, epic, and surprisingly potent. But the best aspect was the opportunity to practice what we preach and live in the Gift, soaking in each simple moment with ease, grace, and excitement in an environment of joyous support—the trip was truly a special opportunity in this eternal present we call life."
— Trevor

"I have to say, I am not the same since I came back from our R.S. retreat! I no longer feel like I am alone in the way I think about life on this planet. From first introductions at the reception, to in-depth inquiry into our purpose here on earth, there was a connection with every person at the retreat. It's good to know there are others out there committed to serving humanity, and we are doing it together, no matter where we reside. Thank you so much R.S. — together we are making a difference." — With much gratitude, Souci Pype

"I have gained a new perspective in the matters of our earth situation, and the mess we have made for ourselves, in not being involved in the choices made for us. Where there was fear, I now have hope for us all. You can count on me to be there! That was an amazing retreat!!"— Thank you so much, Jack Pyper

"Like many who showed up, I felt called to came to this retreat unsure of what would happen, but with a hunch that something magical would come of it… and it did! Connecting intimately with such inspiring thinkers on such gorgeous land got me inspired, fired up, and connected to a movement that I was able to take back home with me."— Regina

"I walked away wondering how I could get more involved in my community to make a positive impact and with many questions about just what "consciousness" is. I also realize I miss the connection within the group–people who understand on an energetic level what needs to be accomplished."— Kathy

"Being a fifty-something year old guy and pretty caught up in raising a family and making a living most of my life, I didn't know what to expect from the Toward 2012 Retreat at Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch. What I found there was much more than I hoped for. The participants, initially strangers to one another, quickly formed bonds of friendship and shared the various paths that had led them to the retreat. Daniel Pinchbeck, Charles Eisenstein, Jonathan Phillips and the entire Reality Sandwich crew could not have been more personable and were often available for one-on-one conversation. There was not one moment of negativity, not one. As I write this paragraph my heart longs for the experience of those four days. That is why if at all possible I will be returning to Boulder Mountain in October… Thank you Ron and Brandie for helping to create this opportunity for conscious growth and
change." — Alex   


Oct 12 – Tues:
Arrive by 5:00pm
6:00pm: Meet and Mingle
7:00pm- 9:30pm: Dinner
sweatlodge available

Oct 13 – Weds:
8:00am – 9:15am: Easing Into Awakening: Yoga & Meditation by Regina Gelfo
9:30am – 10:30am:  Breakfast (sign up in advance to bless the food with your unique ritual)
11:00am – 1:00pm: Opening the Circle – opening ceremony facilitated by RS team etc
1:00pm – 2:30pm: Lunch
2:30pm – 4:30pm: A Species with Amnesia – Graham Hancock followed by Q&A
5:00pm – 6:30pm: Dinner
7:00pm- 9:00pm: Better Religion through Science and Art- Alex Grey
sweatlodge available after workshop – sign up in advance to lead a ritual

Oct 14 – Thurs:
8:00am – 9:15am: Easing Into Awakening: Yoga & Meditation by Regina Gelfo
9:30am – 10:30 am: Breakfast
11:00am – 5:30pm: Anasazi Petroglyph Tours & Shamanic History Lesson with Graham Hancock ( w/ box lunch)
6:00pm – 7:30pm: Dinner
7:30pm – 9:00pm: Sacred Mirrors: Divine Partnership in the New Story with Alex & Allyson Grey, Graham Hancock & Santha Faiia, fac. by Regina Gelfo
sweatlodge available after workshop – sign up in advance to lead a ritual

Oct 15 – Fri:
8:00am – 9:15am: Easing Into Awakening: open activity (yoga, tai chi, etc) by signup
9:30am – 10:30am: Breakfast
11:00am – 5:00pm: Recreational Hiking choose from 3 amazing hikes in the area
6:00pm – 7:30pm: Dinner
8:00pm – 9:00 pm: Alien Christology with Alex Grey & Jonathan Talat Phillips
9:15pm- 11:00pm: Elves, Aliens, Angels and Ayahuasca: Parallel Realms and the Mysteries of the Vine of the Dead with Graham Hancock

Oct 16 – Sat
8:30am – 10:00am: Breakfast
10:30am – 11:30am: Energy Medicine with Jonathan Talat Phillips
12:00pm – 1:00pm: Lunch
1:30pm- 3:00pm: New Paradigm ToolKit: Evolver Roundtable with Ken Jordan, Jonathan Phillips, Michael Robinson, Regina Gelfo, and Baza Novic
3:30-5:00pm Shamanic Cave/Rock Art Painting drawing by Alex and Allyson Grey, natural dyes created magically by Baza Novic, group/sound facilitation by Regina Gelfo
5:30-6:30pm: Chaos, Order and Secret Writing: The Art of Allyson Grey

7:00pm – 8:00pm: Dinner
8:30pm – 9:30pm: Contemporary Visionary Art and Culture-Alex and Allyson Grey
9:30pm- 11:30pm : Panel: Multidimensional Mediumship: Tales from Beyond the Beyond (panel / circle / conversation)
with Alex & Allyson Grey, Graham Hancock,  sharing firsthand experiences
11:30pm-?? Dancing, music and celebration

Oct 17 – Sun
8:00am – 9:15am: Easing Into Awakening: Yoga & Meditation by Regina
9:30am –  11:00am: Happy Healthy Breakfast
11:00am – 1pm:  Closing the Circle
you can spend the rest of the day relaxing and hiking in the area if desired, please pack off the
premises by (what time?)7pm

Schedule subject to change


Click here to read talks and workshop descriptions.


Travel tips for the Dimensional Shift Retreat at the Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch in Boulder

Airports to Fly into:

1)Salt Lake City International Airport (4 ½-5 hour drive)

2)Las Vegas International Airport (6-6 ½ hour drive) You will pass through two very scenic parks
on this route …Zions National Park and Bryce Canyon

3)Page Arizona Airport (4-4 ½ hours) You will pass through Bryce Canyon


Go to Mapquest.com for directions from the airports to the Boulder Utah. We are located on
Hell’s Backbone Road. We are located 3 miles SOUTH of the town of Boulder on Highway
12 (close to mile marker 83) Turn WEST (right if you are coming from SLC and left if you are
coming from LAS or PGA) on the Hell’s Backbone Road/Salt Gulch (there is a green highway
sign indicting the turn off). You will see our sign go 3.3 miles to our “driveway”. You will see
another sign turn left SOUTH in to the Ranch.

Ride share:

There is no public transportation to the Ranch. We encourage people attending the retreat to
share a ride with others it saves money and Planet earth. Plus you get to spend time with others
attending the retreat. Go to www.realitysandwich.comdimensional_shift to make the connection.
The BMGR staff can also help you connect with others.

Car rental:

If you are renting a car we recommend getting one with a GPS unit. The rural roads sometimes
can be cumbersome.

Our GPS coordinates are N 37 degrees

54.322’ W 111 degrees 30.369’