This week's sex in the news asks, "who's in control of your sexual
preferences?" with pieces about the next wave of conscientious
objection, the debate over sex education in Kindegarten and the
"Buttman" obscenity prosecution.

  • Conscientious objection. For getting out of the military, serving with gay and lesbians is a sucky excuse. (NYTimes)

  • New research finds that if the 4- or 7-year itch don't getcha, the 12-year itch can. A new study suggests most marriages fail around the 12-year mark. (DailyMail)

  • Do you think you can think yourself to orgasm? (CBSNews)

  • The US vs. John Stagliano. The first obscenity prosecution brought in the nation's capital in a quarter-century is thrown out. What does this mean for the rest of us? (WashingtonPost and Reason)

  • All joy and no fun. Why parents hate parenting. (NYMag)

  • Religious sex toys. Are they sacrilegious, even if Jesus helps you find "Oh G-d"? (TheStir)

  • Porn and masturbation: The Double Whammy of Evil. (PsychologyToday)

  • Sex education for kindergartens isn't teaching them how to have sex. In Montana, the debate rages on. (FoxNews via Youtube)



    Image by Woodley Wonderworks on Flickr Courtesy of Creative Commons Licensing