The Inalienable Rights Enforcement Initiative would implement a system of stamps and licenses regulated by the Inalienable Rights Enforcement Board to allow for the lawful growth, sale, and possession of marijuana in California. Although it is not the first initiative of its kind, the amendment has a unique approach to regulating the commodity: the Inalienable Rights Enforcement Board would distribute official stamped baggies and licenses through vending machines in stores where marijuana is sold. Licenses would also be available over the internet.

Marijuana would be sold anywhere alcohol is sold, including grocery stores, but advertising would be prohibited. Also, the amendment states that "there shall be no income tax on profits from the sale of marijuana until the end of the government prohibition." Profits would be divided among state programs dedicated to drug treatment, job training, and new jobs. The Enforcement Board would be funded with the money currently used to prohibit marijuana. If the initiative gets enough signatures by September 2008 to get on the ballot, California might be the first state to reclassify marijuana in the same schedule as alcohol and cigarettes.

Creative Commons image: "Hacia la Luz" by El Incomprendido on Flickr