Google and Verizon are working on a deal that will place industry regulation on the internet. The Internet allows an equal playing field in the sense that everyone has the same access to sending and receiving information, from the individual to the corporate entity. Now Google and Verizon are in negotiations with striking a deal that will allow price to dictate which websites load faster, or even at all.

If this agreement is allowed to pass, this will place a stranglehold on the Internet. The last "free" horizon will be given reign to Big Corporations to graze on the digital pasture with a feeding frenzy that will leave the rest of us starving. This deal would be an end to the Internet policy known as "net neutrality, in which no form of content is favored over another."

Instead, what consumers will see, under Google and Verizon's new proposal, is a system where Internet users will see higher charges for use, as well as higher costs for premium levels of service. Companies that provide the "pipeline to the Internet" will have increased power to direct traffic on their system and to determine how quickly consumers can access certain Web content.

Furthermore, the current open Internet system leaves the consumers to decide which companies are successful, giving control of the market to fresh and innovative ideas where market transparently speaks for itself and is governed by those consumers, but with the Google-Verizon agreement control of the Internet would be in the hands of a few corporations. has featured a campaign to "Keep the Internet Open," and you can join into the movement here to call upon the FCC to step-in to prevent this corporate stranglehold on the last free market.