Synchromystic Jake Kotze explores the expanding web of connections spinning out from my recent RS news short about a Hubble pic of a celestial spiral.  

Synchromysticism is a term coined by Jake describing the act of pursuing and spreading the revelatory bliss of synchronicity–which is the experience of two or more causally unrelated events that occur in a meaningful manner.  Synchromysticism treats pop culture as a reflection of our collective consciousness. As Jake explains in an early blog post:

"My idea about the significance of meaningful coincidences in movies with mystical connotation is not that it points towards real truths, but that they point towards possible realities that might emerge from the collective psyche into consensus reality. We vie and jostle for acceptable limits of consensus reality through our art and philosophy. Our ideas and concepts about reality are the very fabric of reality itself."

Jake reports the connections that occurred upon his discovery of my article about an "unusually perfect" spiral.  He gives a classic sync reading of my post–following it down the rabbit (w)hole of interconnectedness.  Recently released movies, Yom Kippur, the TV show The Office, and the discovery of a phenomenon known as The Ant Death Spiral reveal a multitude of meaning in the strange cosmic occurrence of the spiral–the shape and color of which bear an uncanny resemblance to the Norway Spiral of 2009.

Jake sums it up as follows:

"My overall take is that the Twin Stars are the Self and Other, their integration leading to the birth of the StarChild/Joy/Jupiter."

For those interested in diving deeper, check out Jake's blog and the Radio 8 Ball show featuring one of his synchromystic movies (directed with fellow mystic and Winnipeg, CA resident, Jim Sanders).

The Collective Unconscious group on Evolver features experiments with synchronicity involving shared symbols and stories.