Treat yourself to a free Thanksgiving gift with the Evolver Mix Tape, a collection of music by Evolver allies in the Long Beach, California region.   This 40-minute digital download features diverse genres of Indie-pop, experimental hip-hop, dub-step, classical, and abstract psychedelic vibes.

We're now opening up access to this mix to everyone who visits RS.  From the ambient psychotropic sounds of the Healing Mystical Science Collective to the infectious pop anthem of Paper City’s “City of the Future,” the artists featured on this mix-tape offer their musical gifts as motivation for the movement.

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These artists are all independent, and appreciate your support.  Check out their websites for more info.

Track list and bios:

1.  Program Love – “Burning Heart of Love,”

Program Love is a collaboration between Peter Arizmendiz and bandmates Arturo Enciso, Paul Dominguez, and Jesus Lara. Together, they blend metaphysical truths with an indie-pop style that is contagious and uplifting. Their mission is to “program love throughout the Universe.”

2. Paper City – “City of the Future,”

Paper City blends pop song structure with an indie vibe that makes for an addicting combo. Lead guitarist/vocalist Marisa Predisik constructs vocal melodies reminiscent of 1960's beach pop, while maintaining a fresh and modern sound.

3. DarShania – “Wake Up,” Produced by SetsWest,

DarShania’s been sent to deliver in the present moment, a glimpse into the future. “Successive use of tone and texture canvas a variety of material that invokes the audience and awakens the dancing feet gives way to a completely intimate experience that makes you feel that the music and message is for you and you alone.”

4. Eusebio Akasa – “Stop / See,”

Eusebio Akasa, born and raised in Long Beach, is a writer, poet, emcee, DJ, and photographer who holds true to his street upbringing while exemplifying and promoting a lifestyle of spiritual awareness. His work illustrates the struggle of maintaining a liberated mind within the maelstrom of modern life.

5. Healing Mystical Science Collective – “Celestial Peace,”

Healing Mystical Science Collective is a revolving mega-group of tone scientists and visual artists. This song is a sample from HMS Collectives upcoming album, “The Mystical Journey to 2012,” available on 11/11/2010.

6. Familiar Trees – “Human Made Treasure,”

Familiar Trees began as an ambient dream pop experiment, and has since graduated into a full sonic experience. They are currently in the studio mixing and recording a collection songs, and will continue to perform their music in select, quiet, conducive, art/nature friendly spaces.

7. Wanderlust Dream– “Oceania RMX,”

Wanderlust Dream is an electronic hip-hop producer who has been making beats since he was a child. Influenced by early hip-hop, dubstep, jazz, and psychedelic rock, his music is both eclectic and cosmic in nature.

8. DMN SLYR – “Asteroid Shredder,”

DMN SLYR is a creative designer, artist, producer, DJ and musician. Demon Slayer has shared the stage with Daedelus, Free the Robots, The Gaslamp Killer, and many other notables in the West Coast electronic music scene.

9. Seventh Sun – “All Connected,”

Seventh Sun has released two mixtapes with artist collaborations from all around the globe. He’s also released two albums with producer Wanderlust Dream under the group name, SunDream. The goal of his music is to spread awareness of spiritual dimensions to the the hip-hop generation, and inspire meaningful action.

10. Tara Rose Davison – “El Viaje Definitivo,”

Tara Rose Davison is a classically trained singer and guitarist, voted “Most Promising Young Singer” by the California Vocal Association. Tara strives to bring classical music to unlikely venues. She has performed works by composers such as Bach and Schubert everywhere from bars, to breweries, to coffee shops. Her goal is to make classical music understood and appreciated by everyone.

11. The Armchair Generals – “Relajate,”

Armchair Generals make music to win mind wars. Radio, broadcast/cable, satellite, internet are their theaters of combat. Acoustic/electronic instrumentation played in the pocket is their weapons of choice. Of course, the battlefield is your mind.

12. The Perfect Cry – “Melt Away,”

The perfect cry is the indie rock project of songwriter, Hugh van der Linden. They have released two award nominated records and have appeared on numerous compilation CDs.



Image by Dan Nguyen