Two gigantic structures emerging from the center of our galaxy have been sighted by the Fermi space telescope, which detects gamma rays. These bubble-like structures measure 25,000 light years above and below the galactic plane.

Scientists don't know what these mysterious objects are, but NASA is speculating that they are particle jet emulsions from the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy, or "the result of a gas outflows from a burst star formation," that may have produced star clusters in the Milky Way several million years ago.

Another possible explanation not offered by NASA comes from the striking parallel between these two structures and those seen in result of the dual torus effect theorized by Nassim Haramein of the Resonance Project. Haramein and E.A. Rauscher have evolved Einstein's Field Equations and Grand Unification Theory by including torque and coriolis forces in the equation. Accordingly, the fundamental systems that govern from the subatomic to the galactic levels follow these same "scaling laws."

In particular, their model for torque and spin on the galactic level mirrors the formations now seen in the gamma wavelength. The crux behind Nassim's Unified Field Theory is that everything is perfected and sustained through a self-generated feedback loop, caused by torque and spin, and the coriolis effect. 

According to Haramein, "we have added a term to Einstein's equations which accounts for a fundamental force in space-time generating torque, which is forcing the space-time manifold to spin… The difference in densities… just as with the differences in densities in air currents of our atmosphere creating hurricanes, is what generates space-time torquing matter/energy, and spinning it into the observed topology of a galactic disc with its galactic halos and galactic polar jets. Further, as in the case for a hurricane, Coriolis forces dictate very specific structures that are related to a torus (donut structure) or more specifically to a dual torus bubble, because the Coriolis forces manifest in two opposite rotational patterns."(click for a graphic of the dual torus effect)

Could these structures be the balancing blocks keeping our galaxy in motion, and thereby intact? It appears that they could be the residual wake formed by the motion of our universe–movements that loop back and forth in a giant figure-eight with the Milky Way right smack in the middle.

For those with Facebook you can view the short film "The Power of Spin" by the Resonance Project here. The extensive research papers can be found at the Resonance Project website.

Image: "Fermi Bubble Graphic" by NASA Goddard Photo and Video on Flickr courtesy of Creative Commons Licensing.