On November 8th, West of Los Angeles and just North of Catalina Island off the Southern Coast of California, KCBS cameraman, Gil Leyvas, filmed what appeared to be a "mysterious missile launch."

Four days later the Dept. of Defense informed us that the case was closed. What everyone mistook for a missle, was "likely… most likely," an aircraft.  Specifically, they claimed it was a jet contrail–condensation from a commercial or military jet– from a US Airways flight from Honolulu to Phoenix. 

The next day on the East Coast, another chopper films a fireball streaking behind the NYC skyline. The object is dubbed "The Fire in Sky." However, according to the local news team at CBS 2, a top (unnamed) astronomer is quoted as saying it is "likely" nothing more than a contrail.   The CBS 2 coverage included the snide "The aliens are apparently… not… coming."

The California missle footage was shot at sunset in LA and the NYC Fireball footage was shot at sunrise in NYC–both by CBS cameramen. It was also CBS which caught the UFO footage on October 14th over Manhattan. But Gil Leyvas, along with many other sources remain skeptical saying that it was "most likely" a missle. The argument is that a contrail does not make that much condensation and furthermore only happens under certain circumstances. Adding to speculation is the fact that it took four days for the US Government to tell us that it was just an airplane.

If the object was indeed a missile, there are those who are speculating that its launch in California was connected to President Obama's trip to Asia. Conspiracy theorist claim that it was a Black operation from an underwater base to prevent alien invasion. In addition to all of this is the November 4th report in the Canadian Press, stating that, "Great balls of fire have been reported swooping over Eastern canada and several states."

No reason to panic says NASA. They claim that it's just the comet Hartley 2 passing by the earth. Case closed. 

CBS Footage of NYC "Fire in the Sky":