The Healing Mystical Science Collective recently played live at Evolver
Beach's Visionary Culture spore. Here's a link to the audio of their set, for your streaming listening pleasure and possible download for ascension.


About the Healing Mystical Science Collective:

From a galaxy far,
far away teleported to this very planet you are
standing upon comes a galactic troupe of visual sound masters brought
here to induce a planetary renaissance of vibrational therapeutic
restructuring and positive cosmic inter-dimensional healing reawakening a
new foundation in meditational luminosity bending earth-time into
labyrinthian dream-time utilizing interdisciplinary consonance and
dissonance and prescience with hindsight to manifest infinity. With over
a decade of developed improvisational communion and telepathic
communication on this plain of existence alone and countless earth years
outside of time light years away evoking child-like intuitive
imagination. Healing Mystical Science Collective is a revolving
mega-group of tone scientists and visual artists. Each member provides a
unique facet to the melting pot coming together to form a powerful
shape-shifting liquid molten Voltron-like unit co-creating a
concentrated extract of harmonic consciousness metaphysically calibrated
to human brainwave conductivity for an ailing humanity – a variety of
synergistic sonic elixirs and medicinal concoctions of otherworldly
mathematic frequencies translating omniversal ideas into
easy-to-understand/digest form. Riding the crests of timeless sine-waves
harnessing a vast array of archeological and astrological rediscoveries
giving birth to “fractal mandalas” commingling energies in the essence
of mystery accelerating vibratory balance – a distillation of positive
intent and a health-conscious bent soldering circuit tent teepees to
majestic cloud-ship vehicles. In direct spiritual lineage of ancient
mystics, seers and shamans on down to stoic modern disciples of
transcendentalism utilizing earth’s fundamental organic technology such
as sacred geometry, magnetism, alchemy, gravitation, astral projection
and levitation (to name but a few) these astronauts speak in tongues and
ritually build spaceships everywhere they go creating an intergalactic
vortex of double-helix centrifugal force fields opening doorways through
alternate dimensions and weaving wormhole tapestries in crystalline
ephemera raising extra-sensory perceptions to higher pinnacles to bring
forth a new paradigm that is constantly evolving as change is the only
constant – sending smoke signals to the aware, calling all seekers,
initiates, open channels and the curious: Healing Mystical Science is
presenting a Rorschach test for a pioneering few that will help
reconnect the dots and build a bridge for those that need to get here
and, also, those that need to hear! Submerge yourself in their sea of
sound becoming cleansed and rejuvenated simultaneously….