Visionary Russian architect Alexander Remizov has created a prototype for what he calls "The Ark," a futuristic dome that sits halfway underwater and could withstand earthquakes, tornadoes, and biblical era floods. The Ark could house from 50 to 10,000 people and could be used as housing or a hotel.

The Ark would be eco-friendly and not pollute the environment. Its structure would be made from timber, steel, and high-strength ETFE plastic. The plastic would be self-cleaning, recyclable, and lighter and more durable than glass. The material would also be set up to collect solar rays and rainwater from the surface of the roof.

The Ark could be constructed quickly and built on land or water. The clear roof would allow for plants and flowers to be grown inside. Water tanks and hot and cold storage would also be included. The Ark would use a combination of wind, solar, and thermal power and be able to store the energy in the basement to convert to electricity for up to six months.

The design would make the building independent of all external support systems, like electricity. The Ark was created in connection with the International Union of Architects’ Disaster Relief program. Remizov is currently in talks with investors to create a real-life version of The Ark.