I invite you to join me this Saturday for an exploration of the personal and civilizational dimensions of the ongoing economic transition. Many people sense that the present economic uncertainty isn't just a bump in the road, but that a fundamental shift is underway. What is changing, in my view, is our "Story of the People" – the invisible myths and ideologies that form our world. I'm reframing the crisis as a birth crisis, propelling humanity into a new relationship to earth and new forms of money that embody it. Underneath these new forms, I feel is a deeper shift: an awakening of a different way of being, long latent within us, that seeks expression in our time.

This seminar aims to catalyze and accelerate that awakening. It will mix story, speech, discussion, an inward experience, perhaps a dialog process. Expect the unexpected and be open to allowing the event to unfold organically.

When: Saturday, Feb. 5, 3:00-6:00 pm.
Where: The Alignment Center, 120 West 28th Street, New York
Cost: $25, or whatever amount gratitude suggests