There's new footage of one of the over 100 uncontacted tribes around the world–living in harmony with the lands of the lush Amazon forest. This footage was taken from afar, in order to prove the tribe’s existence to disbelieving governments.

For over 20 years, Jose Carlos Morales, of Brazil’s Department of Indian Affairs, has monitored from afar the people tilling their gardens, growing food, raising a grove of annato trees, used for body paint.

Morales describes how,“Peru’s President Garcia has publicly suggested uncontacted tribes have been ‘invented’ by ‘environmentalists’ opposed to oil exploration in the Amazon, while another spokesperson compared them to the Loch Ness monster."

However, Morales says that things are changing– as illegal logging and mining companies are coming closer to driving the tribes out of their homes. Unlike the camera crew that filmed for evidence, these loggers “won’t shoot images– they’ll shoot guns.”

The tribe’s also in danger from contact with any outsiders, such as missionaries, loggers, or oil drillers, because of the risk of foreign germs. Even the common cold could potentially be deadly. The only way to ensure their survival is to protect them.

Get involved! Watch the video and sign the petition to Peru’s President to
protect these people and their land.


Image: "Uncontacted Amazon Tribe…" by luisblan on Flickr courtesy of Creative Commons Licensing.