With weekly ratings of nearly 1.3 million unique viewers, Weeds' potrayal of an ayahuasca ceremony has propelled the "teacher plant" into mainstream American culture.  In the episode, the show's main character, Nancy Botwin finds newfound clarity and realizes the lies she has been telling herself with the help of ayahuasca. Overall, the show treats the medicine with respect, however the following instances from the episode should be noted:

1). There was an absence of preparation and discussion of diet prior to tea drinking.

2). The shaman was directly told by the spirit of the vine that Nancy should not drink the tea, that she was not ready. Yet, the shaman still allowed her to drink at the beckoning of another practitioner.

With this powerful medicine entering into mainstream America, questions arise: Will shamanic tourism become more rampant in the Amazon Will ayahuasca become the next popular psychedelic drug of America’s youth as LSD was in the 1960’s? Or will ayahuasca medicine help awaken America out of its slumber, moving us into a state of higher consciousness?