The Southern California Permaculture Convergence is a three-day festival that explores the many facets of land care and people care in Los Angeles. Presented by the LA Permaculture Guild, the Convergence  features hands-on workshops, lectures, and group sessions centered on the theme “Reconnect, Reskill, Regenerate.”

Presenters include Penny Livingston of the Regenerative Design Institute, Mark Lakeman of the City Repair Project, permaculture designer Warren Brush, Earthflow’s Larry Santoyo, and WATER Institute’s Brock Dolman. Additional workshops include Backyard Chickens, Rocket Stoves, How to Start a Community Garden, and Managing the Humus-sphere. Evolver LA will be presenting on commodity permaculture.

The mission of the event is to reconnect the local network by sharing resources and defining the structure, function, and organization of the permaculture network moving into the future. While there are several keynote speakers, the village-like atmosphere encourages lots of participation. You can get involved as a presenter, speaker, or volunteer.

Early Bird prices for tickets will range from $125 for camping, $150 for shared bunkhouses, and $200 for Private rooms. There are also day passes and work trade options available. You can find all the details at