In 1988 a BBC documentary filmmaker named Alan Ereira visited the homeland of the Kogi, one of the last surviving and most intact South American cultures remaining from the Spanish conquests. Residing on a towering mountain off the Caribbean coast of Colombia, the Kogi have carried on their indigenous traditions and profound spirituality in isolation from modern civilization for more than a thousand years. Ereira’s historic film Heart of the Earth introduced the “lost” tribe with an urgent message to their “Younger Brothers” around the world: change your destructive ways and learn to live in harmony with the earth.

Twenty years later, the Kogi are worried their warning has gone unheeded. Keenly aware that the most effective way to win modern hearts and minds is through the silver screen, the tribe has taken on a remarkable project. They have sent emissaries down from the mountain to learn Spanish and train to use video equipment to make their own movie. With Ereira’s assistance, the Kogi are producing a documentary film called Aluna, the title referring to the mystical essence of Kogi consciousness. By opening up their sacred world and understanding to the masses, they hope to convey the chaotic forces being released through our rapacious plundering and devastation of the planet.

The Kogi are deeply concerned that the ecological crisis we are facing has reached a critical point, with the survival of mankind hanging perilously in the balance. Aluna is their latest dispatch from the heart of the Earth, a real-life version of Avatar for our own besieged Gaia-sphere. Let’s hope we get the message this time.

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Watch a teaser trailer for the upcoming Kogi documentary, Aluna: