It’s nearly impossible to talk about shamanism in New
York City without bringing up the name Itzhak Beery.  Born in Israel,
Beery was initiated into the family tradition of a powerful Quechuan Yachak
from Ecuador
and has studied under the Brazilian elder Ipupiara and Peruvian curandera
Cleicha.  As a founding member of the NY
Shamanic Circle
and the NY Annual Shamanic Gathering in Central Park, he has
spent the last ten years facilitating group healing practices and journeying
work.  He has a private healing practice and
serves as the publisher of ShamanPortal, the “Craigslist for all things shaman."

In this podcast, Beery discusses how a mid-life crisis leads
him on an adventure with John Perkins to the wilds of Ecuador,
where he begins his shamanic apprenticeship. He talks of opening his third eye,
gaining confidence in his own abilities, and learning how to control a shaman’s
biggest enemy — fear.  He gives tricks
of the trade, including the secrets of candle divinations, egg healing
ceremonies, and protecting one’s energetic field from “bad energy.”  Beery also discusses the many roles of the
shaman, what it’s like to practice in the West, and what happens
to us if we don’t “tune into our own powers” and spiritual calling. [Podcast]