This morning Daniel Pinchbeck received a message from the Foundation
for the Law of Time informing the Reality Sandwich community that Valum
Votan/Jose Arguelles has passed away.

According to the Foundation
for the Law of Time, Jose Arguelles "departed this Planet on Solar Moon
17 (March 23), Red Spectral Moon, at 6:10 a.m (the exact same time that
he was born in 1939 in the Red Spectral Moon year)."

"After a short
illness, he slipped away in complete peace. We are asking for those who loved him to hold a synchronized vigil and/or
ceremony on his behalf at noon (Pacific standard time) on Solar Moon 19,
Kin 91. Send him your prayers, light and blessings to continue his
spirit journey – and also visualize the rainbow bridge and the Return of

We are saddened to report his passing, but his influence and his message lives on through his teachings. Though this galactic
guide is no longer with us on the material plane, his presence will
continue to guide us through the turning of the cycle and leaves us with
one final message: "EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!!!  Love everyone. Hate no
one. God bless everyone."

We were asked to include a poem written by Jose Arguelles' twin brother Ivan Arguelles. This is Ivan's final poem to his brother which he asked to be read at all memorial servieces in honor of his brother Jose:

"Here is where we part,
yours is the section to the left numbered Zero,
mine has been carefully removed,
together we had searched,
together we came apart,
magnify not the dank spot,
tomorrow is a definite improbability,
hush, ponder, whiten this page over,
who is the deity of the step-ladder?
pray we must to his numen,
washed in grief the thumbnail,
the human portion in its inch,
look then to the Stars!"

–Ivan Arguelles