Shouting Fire Radio emerged from veterans of Burning Man Radio, a station that connects fellow Black Rock City residents during the week-long festival. From Sunday morning service with Revered Billy to the Viking Youth Power Hour, SFR is a tool that aims to unite transformational communities with year-round radio play.

The hope ot bring the following core values of Burning Man's citizens to the rest of the world:

1) A commitment to purposeful self expression unrestricted by commercial dictates or social norms.

2) A radical sense of participation and self-reliance that recognizes we must catalyze the change we seek.

3) An acknowledgment that principles can also be questions. To start just with one: What might be possible when this community's collective energy is translated into the world beyond Black Rock City?

Beyond Black Rock City is where Shouting Fire Radio is headed. Along with sharing news about Burning Man, SFR will be a forum to develop the community via a full network of media based around diverse art forms.


Image: Untitled by xflickrx on Flickr courtesy of Creative Commons Licensing.