In this week's sex in the news, we cover gender selection in Indian babies and relay how the first erotic mainstream 3D movie hit Hong Kong and outsold even Avatar. Also, learn why men are more likely to say I love you first and how–thanks to Viagra and hormone replacement–seniors are the largest population contracting sexually transmitted infections.

  • In Central Florida, "the rates at which syphilis and chlamydia increased among older adults outpaced the nation's average." (LATimes)
  • When it comes to sex selection, there's a campaign against girls in India. (NYT)
  • Lap dancing for extra credit. A reflection on business ethics. (ABC)
  • Hong Kong's Sex and Zen, billed as the world's first 3-D soft porn movie, outsold Avatar on its opening day in the city. (iol)
  • How protecting priests seems more important than protecting youth. A post on why Catholic priests should marry. (Time)
  • Sex workers, murder, and false securities. (WakingVixen)
  • In relationships, men are more likely to say I love you first. (TheStar)



Image by ButterflySha on Flickr Courtesy of Creative Commons Licensing