By the year 2050, there will be over 10 billion people residing on Earth. Eighty percent of these people will be living in urban centers, where little land mass is available to cultivate food. In order for everyone to eat, new farming methods are essential. The Vertical Farming Project proposes to grow "inside and high," using multi-story buildings in controlled environments to ensure healthy harvests and maximum crop yields.

With increased global warming, crop destruction is becoming more widespread. Fertile land is rapidly becoming inhabited by the human population and traditional factory farms are plagued with poisons and unconscious methods of growth. With Vertical Farming, it would be possible to grow without pesticides, going completely organic. The project proposes the conversion of black and gray water into potable water through the collection via "evapotranspiration." Being centered in urban landscapes, employment opportunities would be created. Most importantly this project can provide food without compromising land and using sustainable methods.