This Week in Psychedelics

"This Week in Psychedelics" is a new Reality Sandwich column that follows the multifaceted media appearances of this class of chemicals and their effects in popular culture.

  • The Howard Stern show's Robin Quivers goes on an "Ayahuasca psychedelic drug trip" in Peru. Stern "expressed concerns…that Quivers has gone off the deep end" (Examiner)
  • Interview with musical group The Black Angels on Austin Psych Fest & DMT (Austinist)
  • Two Indian citizens condemned to the death penalty by hanging in Malaysia for the drug trafficking of ketamine (Straits Times)
  • Teacher faces drug and child endangerment charges for possessing 285 marijuana plants, psychedelic mushrooms, and cocaine (WCYB)
  • Interview with Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane on LSD & stardom ahead of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's "Women Who Rock" exhibit (Wall Street Journal)
  • Attempted rape of 99-year-old woman in her home linked to LSD use (Sydney Morning Herald)
  • 60s San Francisco Fillmore Auditorium shifts to Live Nation's modern Fillmore chain, and acid is replaced with "Ecstacy, DMT, and Red Bull" (Miami New Times)
  • A 19-year-old Lehigh University student who took LSD, got naked and pulled a dorm fire alarm "admits to a bad acid trip" (Allentown Morning Call)
  • Florida House unanimously votes to make the designer drug MDVP or "bath salts" ("synthetic cocaine and PCP") illegal (News Channel 7)
  • The parents of a 21-year-old UK girl who died after taking ketamine begin a YouTube campaign to raise awareness, and officials are expected to recommend a higher drug classification (BBC News, Guardian)
  • Psychedelic "bath salts" linked to two Missouri deaths (KSDK)
  • "The academic whose teenage daughter held a party where a friend died after taking [ecstasy] has contributed to a study which claimed cannabis improves the mind…despite the wealth of medical evidence that cannabis can have a hugely destructive effect on mental health and wellbeing" (Mail Online)