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Michel Andre is one of the world's great experts on the acoustics of the sperm whale. For years he was vexed about how to tell the clicking of individual whales apart when analyzing recordings made by groups of these Moby Dick-type whales foraging under water. Then he invited a Senegalese drummer, Arona N'Diaye Rose, to listen to his recording of a four-member unit of vocalizing sperm whales. Things started to "click" once he brought a drummer into the mix.
Take a trip with us into a fantasy world where Gmail took magic mushrooms. What kind of inbox, auto-replies, and immersive universe might emerge?
Dive into Cascade Equinox 2023: exclusive insights from co-founder Josh Pollack.
From ancient traditions to modern delights, hookahs are enchanting smoking devices meant to be shared. Discover the latest technology in hookah culture.
Our ultimate guide to Psilocybin has everything you want to know about this psychedelic fungi from its uses to its legal status.

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