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Through a Fractured Glass, Darkly (Part Two): Whitley’s Onion

The desire to find a higher purpose is the same desire that draws people to join cults. If an
individual is more inclined to lead than to follow, he can start his own
following. Although Strieber's case is extreme, it is also typical. Patterns laid down in childhood by
trauma and neglect lurk beneath all such pursuits, spiritual, political,
artistic, sexual, or financial.


A Supraterranean Manifesto

Perhaps it hit me when Time Magazine named their 2006 Person of the Year. You. It was so simple, so obvious. The decision must have been based largely on the runaway success of YouTube. Much else was changing about the ways we communicate and spend our free time and energy. But even that simple switch from passive to active media consumption was one that, I felt sure, would forever transform our society.

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New Ways to Dream Electric Sheep: An Interview with Scott Draves

Scott Draves is the brains behind the crowdsourced
iterative screensaver known as the Electric Sheep, a continually
evolving abstract animation with over 450,000 participants. Individual Sheep animations are voted on by
participants; the more popular sheep live longer and reproduce
according to a genetic algorithm with mutation and cross-over.

Ayahuasca, Wolves and Music: A Conversation with John Sheldon

Sheldon was
Van Morrison's lead guitarist at age 17. He has an uncanny gift for conjuring the wild
spirit, so when he told me he'd written a song for the famous alpha
female Wolf 06 shot and killed just out of Yellowstone, I wanted to share it with others who, like me, are mourning for all of the hundreds of wolves who are murdered for sport. 

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