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For every family that has moved to Colorado, many more have chosen to stay home and lobby local officials in an effort to change state law. However, there’s a catch: The bills under consideration will only allow the use of CBD-rich oil extracts with hardly any THC.
The following originally appeared on The Morning News. 
This week on Souldish, be sure to check out the Roots & Dub On The River Cruise, Psytrance lovers, Tekno Feel Ya and a garden walk with Kiana Love.  Also, coming soon in September, CoSM is holding a weekend retreat/celebration, Honoring the Divine Feminine.
Perhaps it hit me when Time Magazine named their 2006 Person of the Year. You. It was so simple, so obvious. The decision must have been based largely on the runaway success of YouTube. Much else was changing about the ways we communicate and spend our free time and energy. But even that simple switch from passive to active media consumption was one that, I felt sure, would forever transform our society.
Terence McKenna's musings on DMT, with its machine elves and aliens, continue to influence explorers of altered states of consciousness. Yet, are his wild accounts ground-breaking, reality-shattering explorations? Or are they fantasy projections of his own ego, quite literally gambling with his life?
April Souldish events include, the Horned Ball with Kostume Kult and Reality Sandwich, Hofmann’s Dream a Seed Benefit party in Newark,’s long awaited Psychedelic Spore, The Crystal Method CoSM Benefit Party, Celebrate Earth Day, and Psybotik’s Lumenaughty.
Studying near-death-experience case studies, it became clear that I could hope to provide some answers to our most perplexing question: What happens when we die?
In March and April, the air is heady with religious themes.  The resurrection is re-enacted in the budding trees and sprouting flowers miraculously coming to life where once lay a blanket of snow.  We get multiple Jesuses in the ER this time of year.

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