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Is there a connection between Kanna and intimacy? Explore its role across relationships, enhancing connections with authenticity and empathy.
Read about Mary Cosimano, Director of Guide & Facilitator Services at the Johns Hopkins Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research.
New evidence suggests positive effects and transformational experiences among individuals taking psychedelics could impact social connectedness.
Socially distanced but spiritually connected is the theme for this short person essay about solidarity and being in community though isolated.
There really is room for a conversation between physicists and students of metaphysics. We just have to be reasonable — and patient on both sides. If we can do that, the payoff may be extraordinary.
Join Shannon Shine as she interviews artist Mike Hancock about his artwork and specifically a piece that he created as a way of reconnecting himself to the divine.
In the years ahead we are going to see great change sweeping through our diverse human societies. It will be change not only brought about by intentional minds and willing hearts; but also by necessity, by coercion, and from an evolutionary imperative. The 21st century will be equivalent to the dramatic ‘flat Earth to round Earth’ shift that was thrust upon humanity centuries before.
Is it possible for empaths to dial down their connection with others, or to turn it off completely?
New research from Macquarie University in Australia reveals that intimate couples become part of an interpersonal cognitive system where each is dependent on the other to fill in certain memory gaps.

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