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Ask Dr. Cook Ep. 5 Triggers, Trauma, and Gratitude

Ask Dr. Cook Ep. 5 Triggers, Trauma, and Gratitude

I check-in with Dr. Cook and find gratitude for a recent trauma I experienced with the CEO of a well known psychedelic Organization. During the episode, you’ll hear about what the patriarchy feels like from within the psychedelic space. I explain what happened in the intro and Dr. Cook and I process some of it […]

Never Trust a “Winner”

trump flicker face yess

A person, like Trump, who needs to call themselves a “winner” is a weak and brittle narcissist with a two-dimensional mind that desperately needs others to be losers so that they can prop up their inflated, hollow self-esteem.

Full Moon Forecast!


A Full Moon in Scorpio, opposite the Sun in Taurus, features the Venus/Mars dynamic. Here’s what to watch for…

Collective Trauma: The Morphogenetic Field of Fear

Terra Nova cover E

There are no ready-made laws and no ultimate physical laws pertaining to our bodies. There are only entrenched behavioral habits and there is a freedom within ourselves that enables us to rise to a higher form of life.

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