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It was here at the Ranch’s grand 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Summer of Love that we chose to investigate, worship, and sip up the surviving spirit of the 60’s, especially now under the shadow of the Trump regime.
The New Moon is in Virgo, opposite Neptune in Pisces. Here's what to watch for...
Mercury and Mars are Conjunct while forming an Opposition with Pluto.
Mars is opposite Pluto this week. Here's what to watch for...
In 2014, Furthur, the legendary magic bus that carried Ken Kesey and his Merry Band of Pranksters across country in 1964, hit the road again to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary. 'm delighted to interview Lindsay Kent, a multi-talented filmmaker at the heart of a fascinating documentary about the 2014 Furthur trip.
If we don’t come to terms with what wetiko—which can be conceived of as a virus of the mind—is revealing to us, nothing else will matter, as there will be no more human species.
Another day of Venus being at the heart of the Sun, but now Mercury (in the sign of Venus) is closing in on an opposition to Mars.
Kelly Brogan's book "A Mind of your Own" presents a devastating and well-referenced scientific case against the premises and practices of psychotropic medication. Her assessment: the drugs are worse than useless.
Last year I wrote an article entitled “The Astrology of Russell Brand” to make a case for why I felt Russell was an essential human for these times. It was an Eclipse window then, and it is now. Mercury was also about to go retrograde in Scorpio like it is now. Lots has changed since then for Russell, and for all of us.

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