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When we are around elephants, something magical, elevating, and awe-inspiring occurs. Simply put, elephants make us happy. They elevate our spirits. They bring peace to our hearts. They make us feel joyous.
Gnostic ideas are being gnawed over, processed, and consumed in ever more popular forms of culture. Perhaps through the loss of our gods we have had to become our own multiple gods, as we realized a need to fill a vacuum left by myth.
Allowing Eros in our hearts and bodies probably will not happen in the midst of traumatic or life-threatening situations. However, as soon as possible after the emergency passes, the body and psyche need the comfort and healing salve of Eros.
Science is the wisdom tradition par excellence of our modern age. Quantum physics can be likened to a genuine spiritual path in that its study becomes a “royal road” beyond both physics and the physical dimension into the realm of metaphysics.
This is a declaration of war against all those traditions that want to limit our choices, stifle our growth, and restrict our freedom. Most, but not all, forms of organized religions stand firmly on the conformity side of the battle line. They don’t want you to think for yourself, or they would go out of business.
One topic that enjoys frequent and fervent percolations on FB is the issue of insensitivity and cultural appropriation in today's Transformational Festival culture where non-natives wear replicas of feathered Plains Nations headdresses.
Etymologically speaking, to invest means to clothe, as in to take naked money and put it into new vestments, something material, something real in the physical or social realm. Money is naked human potential -- creative energy that has not yet been "clothed" with material or social constructions. Right investment is to array money in sacred vestments.
Recently, I published an article criticizing Terence McKenna's lectures on DMT.  The article generated a great deal of backlash and some serious questions. Now I'd like to follow up on the issue of human liberation from self-generated illusions.
If we can create the mystical crucible strong enough to stand the horror of facing our collective and individual shadows, then the depth of our depravity and enslavement might provide, through the mystery of grace, a glimpse of the divine light that is unbearably intense at this moment, and is trying to make us wake up and claim responsibility for our transformation.
The chakras have been identified in many ancient cultures. Due to the multiple functions of the chakra system, it is critically important that a balanced energy flow be maintained to each chakra. If homeostasis cannot be sustained, the chakras may be deficient or develop excessive energy. Both can affect a person's health and well-being.

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