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Journey with us as we traverse the vivid contours of consciousness through the stunning landscapes of psychedelic art. Far from being simply an explosion of bright colors and intricate patterns, this mesmerizing art form is a window into the human psyche, a reflection of the mind-altering experiences inspired by the mystical world of hallucinogens. Born […]

Yoga in Egypt

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The Bible talks about Egyptian priests as wise men who were able to perform magic, make themselves invisible, and cast spells by uttering incantations or mantras. Many ancient yogic scriptures describe similar accomplishments as a result of yoga practices.

Uniting Shamanic Healing and Western Medicine

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Western medicine attempts to clear the weeds from the garden by spraying chemicals or nipping the leaves and stems above the surface. The shamanic healer, by contrast, searches for the emotional and spiritual roots of the illness and pulls them out from the ground.

The Accidental Shaman

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I came to lying face down, unable to move. The lift appeared to be rising slowly, and the door automatically opened. People were gathered outside (I later found out that the crash had been heard all over the building), and I was carried out to an ambulance and taken to a hospital. My life from that moment on was never the same.

The Physicalist Worldview as Neurotic Ego-Defense Mechanism

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I hypothesize that physicalism—whether it ultimately turns out to be philosophically correct or not— is partly motivated by the neurotic endeavor to project onto the world attributes that help one avoid confronting unacknowledged aspects of one’s own inner life.

Hitchhiking to Machu Picchu and Arequipa

Machu Picchu Peru

Most young males have the impulse to push themselves to the limit, to test their capacities. For me, this time of youthful testing was South America. I did not set out on a self-conscious vision quest in going to South America, but I had inadvertently experienced one.

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