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In this guide we cover different types of meditation, their uses, and benefits. Interested in starting a meditation practice? Follow these tips.
Dealing with death is one of life's greatest challenges. Can psychedelics help patients and loved ones face death?
Jackee talks to Louis Schwartzberg, director of Fantastic Fungi, about inspiration, psychedelics, and more in this episode of Delic Radio.
In this trippy talk, educational psychologist Dr. Thomas Roberts talks about his new book on "mind apps" such as psychedelics that innovate how we function.
Seems like everyone these days (including me) is using reishi, maitake, Chaga and Cordyceps. What about puffballs and corn smut?
A brief history of dreaming, Electronic Voice Phenomena are everywhere, and Bare Normality asks what exactly is this Psi thing we're talking about, in this week's update. 

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