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Guide for veterans with PTSD who are interested in learning more about psychotherapy with psychedelics like psilocybin, ayahuasca, and MDMA.
Jackee talks to Louis Schwartzberg, director of Fantastic Fungi, about inspiration, psychedelics, and more in this episode of Delic Radio.
Is the ubiquity of camera phones having a ruinous effect on photography? Throughout the ages, new technologies are always said to be the ruin of something. The best camera is the one you have with you.
Susan Joy Rennison is a geophysics lecturer specializing in the emerging science of space weather. In this interview she discusses recent discoveries in astrophysics and the plasma-electrical universe, mythology, politics, and the energy grid.
Terence McKenna's musings on DMT, with its machine elves and aliens, continue to influence explorers of altered states of consciousness. Yet, are his wild accounts ground-breaking, reality-shattering explorations? Or are they fantasy projections of his own ego, quite literally gambling with his life?
So there I am sitting in the dark, exposed to the naked raw emotion of true love as Maria sings to me, and when she is finished there's a pregnant pause like she's waiting for me to speak. For a second my tourist reflexes kick in and I think she wants something, dinero, that I've been drawn back to the level of buy and sell. But she doesn't ask for money. That's not what the mother does.

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Hear from the RS community in our new video series, spotlighting shared experiences and stories with plant medicines, psychedelics, consciousness, dreams, meditation, etc.

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