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Chasing the dragon, or constantly seeking to alter your consciousness, takes drugs from hobbies to drug habits. Learn how to stay responsible.
The growing spiritual movement and neo-shamanic community are hotly debating a number of questions, such as: What is the role and relevancy of shamanism in our modern world? Who is a shaman? What function must a person perform to be called a shaman?
Over a glitchy Google Hangout, Erik and I discussed our culture's highest hopes and darkest dreams for our collective future, and how they’ve both become more complicated since the turn of the millennium.
In Gaelic communities the beginning of February is marked by the festival of Imbolc, Christianized as the feast day of St. Brigid. This celebration is held in the honor of the first appearance of spring, represented in Gaelic myth as Brigid, the Bride.
Time is going to stop -- and the world "will be frozen, like a snapshot of one instant, forever", according to an article published in the journal Physical Review D.
"We are taught as leaders not to take away hope from the people," says Lyons, a Faithkeeper of the Turtle Clan. "If you're going to bring hard news, you better bring something else with it. Indians can't do much, there is just a handful of us. We do have some ideas and some instruction. We still know how to pray. As long as we keep the ceremonies, we are going to hold on."
Although I don't fully understand the complexities of the financial crisis, I am learning a lot about money. Each day between the hours of 10am and noon I am approached by 100 adult schizophrenics asking me for cash. I have to say yes or no, and how much. 
Learn what factors influence shroom potency, and what you can expect from various magic mushroom dosages. It’s all here in our comprehensive guide!
Curious about smoking shrooms? We've got the lowdown on why it's not the way to go, and better methods to enjoy these magical fungi.
Amplify your Halloween film experience with Reality Sandwich's curated list of horror movies perfect for a psychedelic twist.

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