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Peace Education

The main challenge for
peace educators is to become genuine examples to the children. When we have cultivated the art of being at peace, we will be able to
meet the children without judgment, without fear. Teaching thus becomes a spiritual issue, a process of


300 Souls: Notes from a Young Astrologer

In Greek mythology the way to invoke a bad fate is to show hubris. Modern hubris is nothing more than investing too much energy into unexplored assumptions. The more we get to know our assumptions the more that fate, and time and space itself, become malleable. The work of creation becomes cooperative.The word becomes flesh.


Drugs and Dharma in the 21st Century

Two great directions in human thought and activity have recently been coming into sharper focus. Interest in Buddhism has not been greater since it was first introduced to China where it proceeded to grow steadily for 500 years, and the serious and thoughtful use of psychedelics is making a resurgence, perhaps more profoundly than in the Sixties.


Polyamory on Parade

It happened in a moment of compassion for my friend. I somehow spontaneously channeled a higher-worldly force that moved through me to sexually heal her. I couldn't stop saying, "There's enough of me to go around." It was beautiful and amazing. How can this be wrong? Is this "cheating"? 

Exorcising Christ from Christianity

My favorite theology professor from college recently wrote a book
called The Myth of a Christian Nation: Why the Quest for Political
Power is Destroying the Church. After meeting Christ in an Ayahuasca ceremony, if I
were to write a similar book, I would call
it, The Myth of a Christian Church: Why the Historical Jesus Should
be Exorcised from Christianity.