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Why Did Our Brains Stop Expanding?

In the forest the human brain was expanding at a phenomenal rate. Around 200,000 to 150,000 years ago, this process came to an end. The brain stopped expanding and started to shrink. Brain shrinkage appears to coincide with major dietary change.


The Benefits of Living Food

Let’s start by addressing an incorrect assumption about food. It’s an assumption that was never really questioned until the twentieth century — that cooked food is a normal and natural part of a balanced diet.


Paraben Problems

While the recent Susan G. Komen grant-making controversy revealed the part politics plays in the fight against breast cancer, another discovery regarding the potential danger of everyday cosmetics has received far less attention.

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Natural is Sweet When Sweet is Natural

The human body is not attracted to what is harmful to it. Our bodies give us signs — "symptoms" — to let us know that some sort of input is not conducive to
optimal functioning. Being in tune with the natural world is key
to well being. So, how does this relate to


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