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Read about psychedelic advocate Chiara Baldini, coordinator of the the Boom Festival and author on ecstatic dance and the feminine in psychedelics.
On October 16th, 39 event producers, network weavers, and software developers gathered at Harbin Hot Springs for a 4 day retreat to discuss the future of events in the emerging culture often called “transformational".
Amplify your Halloween film experience with Reality Sandwich's curated list of horror movies perfect for a psychedelic twist.
Ready to take a legal trip with shrooms? Check out our top recommendations for the best Amanita muscaria gummies for sale online.
Dive into the Gem & Jam Festival 2024 lineup and experience: top artists like The Disco Biscuits, immersive art, gem showcases, workshops, and sustainable initiatives.
Looking to connect with your inner pagan? We have some excellent ways to help you get in tune with nature and its rhythm with a few pagan traditions for fall.
Unlock the secrets of Psilocybe subaeruginosa: from its habitats to identification. Stay informed on cultivation, potency, and look-alike species.
One of the biggest challenges of growing mushrooms is choosing the medium. Let's review how mushrooms grow, and explore various mushroom substrate options.

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