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A social worker from New York City was arrested last week while in Pittsburgh to participate in the G-20 protests, then subjected to an FBI raid this week at his home—all for using Twitter. The FBI's actions drew chilling comparisons to those of the security forces in Iran during the most recent election protests.
We are learning to become cocreators of the Shift through a variety of processes and practices, but we still face the larger question: Will humanity be able to act in time to tip the scales in favor of a positive future at the global level, given the rapid escalation of problems that threaten our survival?
Aurobindo Ghose (also known as Sri Aurobindo) was a Bengali mystic, poet, political activist, and social theorist. What would society look like if Aurobindo's views, methods, and practices were applied on a wide scale, and formed the basis of spiritual ethics of social action?
Artist, curator, and computer science teacher Love Leonce is co-founder of the Timoun Rezistans Art School, which teaches art and computer science to young children in Haiti. The seventh in this series about creatives using social networking to find non-local audiences is this interview with Love Leonce.
The fourth in my series of interviews about artists using social networking to find their audience features Lauren Over, Obey Clothing designer, poster artist for John Legend's urban gardening documentary "Can You Dig This," and creator of the food foraging multimedia book and project "Sidewalk Superfoods."
In this third of a series of interviews about creative people using social networking to reach an audience, Tamra Lucid talks to Tiffany Scandal, editor of the feminist essay collection "Nasty!" and Tara Dublin, contributing writer to "Nasty!", about the vicious cyber backlash they received, and how they found empowerment in rising above it.
In the most recent FUTUREditions newsletter from Arlington Institute, the FBI seeks the right to monitor social networking sites, Wyoming prepares for Armageddon, a "miracle tree" cleanses and purifies water, former President Eisenhower collaborates with aliens, and the case of our shrinking brains.
Jackee talks to Louis Schwartzberg, director of Fantastic Fungi, about inspiration, psychedelics, and more in this episode of Delic Radio.
Read as Reality Sandwich talks to psychedelic witch, Tom Hatsis. We discuss with him witches, entheogens, religion and more.
What will our world look like in a hundred years? Tod Foley explores that question with a crew of fellow creatives collaborating on UbiquiCity, an anthology of sci-fi short stories that serves as a GameMaster's sourcebook for role-playing games.

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