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Aligning Minds: My Heart is Love

Aligning Minds’s newest album, My Heart Is Love, has been
described as an ethereal future city. Listening to the album, I feel myself floating in a
dream; swimming through a Miyazaki film or a Philip K. Dick
novel — underwater undulating breaths, heartbeats, android love songs,
dripping tunnels, cathedral hollows, hypnogogic blips and clicks, and
siren arias.

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Psi in the News

Photos of reported ectoplasmic phenomena, a look at 70s psi research, new results from the Global Consciousness Project, and more in this week's update. 


The Wild Fire of Idle No More

Originating from the healing dances of the Plains Indians, the Round Dance is a dance of joy and happiness, kinship and harmony. Indigenous people are gathering in cities, towns, malls, plazas, roads and railways across the planet to dance, sing and stand up for human rights and decency. 

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The Sikh Temple Shootings and Daemonic Possession

Summer in the USA we've now witnessed our second public shooting spree.  A Sikh temple in Oak Creek Wisconsin became
the target for another attack.  In a broader, evolutionary context these
attacks aren't about darkness or evil as much as they are about daemonic


Where Next for Occupy?

The occupations have served an
important purpose, but the time has come to direct the energy they have
awakened toward tangible goals. For too long, the left has mortgaged its soul to a dispirited, defeated
version of the practical. Society and the planet are in such a strait that the
old practical isn't enough. We need to think big — and then be practical.


Yoga as Spiritual Activism

The growing popularity of yoga at this time of global transformation is not a coincidence. A yogi is someone who strives to live harmoniously with the earth, to be aware of the interconnection of all beings and things in our world. Yoga teaches that we are inseparably woven into the great web of life, matter, and cosmic space.