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More than any other figure in popular culture, David Bowie embodied and personified androgyny and the “Singularity Archetype
Living for the past few years in rural Georgia has lead to vital opportunities to experience a world alive with the Enochian worldview.
Information can't be lost when a black hole evaporates, as it was never an aspect of tangible existence to begin with. Despite the readings of a measuring apparatus, from its own perspective the quantum is never quite lured into the trap of definite form in a distinct moment to be instantly sucked into a dead past. When it comes to information, the next moment never arrives because the quantum, like the conscious, is forever now.
Why don't psychics use their predictive abilities to win the lottery? Maybe they do!
The world is going to end. I am in the back of an ambulance, swaddled in the insistent grip of a straight jacket. I have completed my task. I have shared the videos.
I believe that early Christians and ancient European shamans made use of cannabis. We are just beginning to relearn what these people knew; cannabis oil is a magical substance capable of healing a variety of maladies.
iPads can help NDE research, $2.3 million in grants on post-mortem survival research, precognitive dreams, and more in this week's update. 
Our connections are real, and they are life-affirming. Our connections are not optional; they are obligatory and intrinsic. This implies that we cannot secede from the web of life, even if we try. On this realization our future may depend.
Scott Draves is the brains behind the crowdsourced iterative screensaver known as the Electric Sheep, a continually evolving abstract animation with over 450,000 participants. Individual Sheep animations are voted on by participants; the more popular sheep live longer and reproduce according to a genetic algorithm with mutation and cross-over.
TrustCloud is an emerging online service that provides a way to measure trustworthiness so you can estimate how others will behave.

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