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Lasers Uncover the World


Instead of uncovering with the pickaxe of the past, archaeologists can now remotely survey micro topography with the use of laser technology. 

Uncovering the Ancient Science of Sacred Spaces


Applying the principles of resonance to unlock the secrets of
Scotland's Rosslyn chapel, Richard Merrick finds evidence that the
orbital pattern of Venus was once used as a "temple template" to design
psychoacoustical chambers capable o…

Uncovering Reality in 30s Hollywood


Swami Prabhavananda assured Christopher Isherwood that just trying to meditate was a positive
advance on the path to God. Most crucially, he didn't see Isherwood's
homosexuality as
a particular obstacle. He simply advised him to see his lover as the
young Lord Krishna. 

Ram Dass: The Life of a Servant of God

Ram Dass: The Life of a Servant of God

Psychologist Baba Ram Dass was a well loved author and spiritual teacher who helped bring Eastern philosophies and psychedelic healing to the Western world.

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