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Nepal’s Lost Horizon

I began a journey with Nepal and her people in 1993 and was straightaway humbled and magnetized by the culture, larger-than-life mythologies and warm-hearted hospitality.


Codes of My Kin

Why was this substance that could save us and our
world illegal? How could one drop of a chemical on a piece of blotter
paper cause my mind to know the universe in a wholly different way? And what
other minds might be in there to be brought to conscio…


In Goddess We Trust: America’s Spiritual Crossroads

As the world moves into unprecedented upheaval, people turn to spiritual matters to
ease their fears. A case can be made that our
solely patriarchal ideas about the transcendent have been responsible
for many of the ills currently facing our society. Perhaps we need a reaffirmation of allegiance to
our nation's forgotten Goddess.

new material

Sacred Economics: Chapter 23, A New Materialism (Pt. 24)

Most of this book has been about money, which is the usual subject of
“economics” today. On a deeper level, though, economics should be about things, specifically the things that human beings create, why they create them, who gets to use them, and how they circulate.


Confessions of a Counterculture

What if Mayan calendars and galactic cycles, aliens and dimethyltryptamine, and the presumptive science of
rapture don't herald mass enlightennment? What if that beautiful giant cloud over Burning Man is really just a cloud? Have we hyped ourselves for a letdown?


Enter the Jaguar

The monumental ruins of Chavín de Huantar in the Peruvian Andes, are, officially, a mystery. The vast, ruined granite and sandstone site seems to have been neither a city nor a military structure, but a temple complex constructed for unknown ritual purposes by a culture which had vanished long before written sources appeared.


Great Doubt, Great Faith

[Pilgrimage to Nowhere] •
"Doi Suthep is the third richest monastery in Thailand.
There's a lot of tourist and other money flowing into this place." "The plot thickens." "Money…" "Intrigue…" "And embezzlement." "And murder!" "Murder?"

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