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The official history of science says that with the birth of modern science astronomy and chemistry soared into the heavens while astrology and alchemy were condemned to lurk in the shadows. That’s not how Professor Leon Marvell sees it.
Our connections are real, and they are life-affirming. Our connections are not optional; they are obligatory and intrinsic. This implies that we cannot secede from the web of life, even if we try. On this realization our future may depend.
Fumbling for her ID, Leoni spilled the contents of her purse all over the passenger seat and burst into tears to create a distraction when she saw, under the unforgiving glare of the street lights, not only her driving license, credit cards, money, tampons, condoms and lipstick but also a dozen bulging wraps of cocaine. -- From the novel, Entangled
A lion materialized on top of me with his forelegs set upon my belly and his penis between my legs. The previous day I had become aware of my vagina as a sort of appendage to my spirit body. It felt perfectly real. I felt the Lion enter me and gently move around inside me. The smells of a flowery woman and a salty man filled the air around me. I was the Earth at the beginning of time.
Learn about ethnobotanist and psychonaut, Terence Mckenna and his journey across the globe and through psychedelics lead him to be a psychedelic advocate.
I had been so excited in that bedroom. Yet I had been called from lovemaking by something strong. How many lives was I living right now? Which of the dreams was most real?
An excerpt from Tony Vigorito’s third novel, "Love and Other Pranks": “Right, but there are different levels of acting.” Lila sat up and straddled him. “Maybe we act like life in all its sound and fury is really happening, but that’s different than acting like something that you’re not.”
From a representative sample of a suitably psychedelic crowd, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who couldn’t tell you all about Albert Hofmann’s enchanted bicycle ride after swallowing what turned out to be a massive dose of LSD. Far fewer, however, could tell you much about the world’s first DMT trip.
The following originally appeared on The Morning News. 
Suppose for a moment that all your favorite stories are true. Not literally true or true in every detail, but true in essence. What if the stories of our lives are not so different from, say, that of Bilbo Baggins? It may be profoundly un-postmodern of me, but I am suggesting that it's time to reacquaint ourselves with the notion of destiny.

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