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The plants know

Imagine a world where every house plant and tree could see, remember, and judge everything around it. Unfortunately for naked Zumba enthusiasts this is reality not fiction.


Overcoming Cynicism

We twenty-first-century humans
block most possibilities for psychospiritual growth, but faith is not frivolous. The Dalai Lama doesn't have a
puerile, delusional intelligence, nor does a monk feeding the poor in
Algeria, or a nun in Colombia. These are mature, sophisticated beings with a
measured sense of who they are and what the universe is.

OWS Discussion large

Report From OWS: The Global Conversation Begins

These personal accounts capture life at Zuccotti Park, as experienced by a young Civil Rights attorney and mother who arrived at the Occupy Wall Street protests a skeptic, but who was quickly pulled in by the excitement of witnessing a new movement being birthed.

Exile Nation Front Cover (RS Large) 30

Exile Nation: “A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing”

The author is approached by a spiritual teacher and healer who invites
him to the woods of Maine to hear an interesting proposition, after which he heads to Boston to lead the protest movement at the Democratic National Convention, and finds a city under military occupation.
We return to Boston for the explosive conclusion to the DNC protests,
and then journey back to Maine to decompress with Wolf, with unforseen