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The breakthrough came while watching surfers carving up the barreling waters of Ocean Beach, SF. I suddenly realized that to ride a monster wave (physical or energetic), you had to find the courage, pleasure, and audacity to surf its roaring currents.
If you want to know what a dream shaman of the West would be like, consider Carl Jung, as he is now revealed in his Red Book, compiled from the journals he kept during the years of his "confrontation with the unconscious," when the "spirit of the depths" dragged him, night after night, through the terrifying stages of Underworld initiation.
Finding out that the world's corruption is a mirror of our own souls hurts. But sooner or later, we're going to have to realize that for a spirit being to try and be a spiritual person is just vanity. It is all in vain because it only takes us further from our actual nature. It is as if God wanted to be a Somebody. To whom, and for what?
What happened on the playa that Monday night? There you are, in a fireman's coat, hurling through the wee hours across a parched and dusty lakebed in a 1979 American LaFrance fire truck. Above you the rare shadow of the earth has morphed the full moon into a dusky half-burnt clementine that hangs there pendulous like some wandering orb on the cover of a 70s SF paperback. "Baby's on Fire" is spewing out of the iPod, and Fripp's incandescent solo mixes with Burning Man's surrounding soundscape of engines, explosions, house beats, and the rising cries of gesticulating passersby who have-wait a sec-just realized that the iconic 40-foot-tall trademark that centers their entire week of organized revelry is prematurely aflame.

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