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Witch, Please: Broomsticks are Psychedelic

witch please broomsticks are psychedelic

It’s an image we’ve all seen a million times: the silhouette of a warty-nosed witch saddled on a broomstick, flying across a full, pale amber moon. There’s something iconic about the flying broomstick, and we’ve seen it recreated in tons of shows and movies like “Bewitched,” Hocus Pocus and even Harry Potter.  So while that […]

A Guide to Pharmahuasca

guide to pharmahuasca

“Don’t worry, everything is going to be ok,” an entity told Rob, host of the psychedelic culture YouTube channel Adeptus Psychonautica, shortly after he drank pharmahuasca for the first time. He was laying flat on his back in bed — and yet, he simultaneously occupied what he can only describe as a “divine realm” that […]

Blessings from Zephyr

Sears JP © DianaDeaver com 2016bw

Twelve years ago I fell face first into the tutelage of a Zen master named Zephyr. While I’d love to tell you stories of my trials, tribulations, face licks, and cuddles with the great Zephyr, I’d probably be too biased to do him justice. Instead, I’ll step back and let him tell you our story.

Why Use Only 7 Planets?

quran 65 12 seven layers

Why do some astrologers continue using only the traditional seven planets, despite the discovery of so many new planets and orbiting bodies in our solar system?

Mark Frauenfelder: The Algorithm of Geek

2015 04 20 20 05 04.pdf001

As drinks the Irishman, Boing Boing founder Mark Frauenfelder just always had it: The Algorithm of Geek. In this interview, he talks about Boing Boing’s cyberpunk roots and what it’s like to live online today.

Sound Enhancement of Transcendental Conscious States

heaven 740392 640

In November 2008, I spent 7 days in coma. The devastation wrought on my neocortex should have disabled all but the most rudimentary of experiences, and yet I had a profound odyssey through ultra-real realms far beyond our physical universe.

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