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Climbing Kayford Mountain: Finding God & Facing Ecocide in West Virginia

We saw the beauty of God's glorious creation unfolding before us in all its dramatic magic. From the same site, we witnessed unchecked human greed in the grotesque mechanical destruction of divinely created peaks. I can't claim any moral high ground; I am using coal to compose this piece on the war raging in Appalachia.

the sustainability of ayahuasca

The Sustainability of Ayahuasca

As plant medicines have garnered new interest during this psychedelic renaissance, those wishing to experience the benefits have graduated from microdosing psilocybin or perhaps an experience with LSD or Kambo. Now, they are ready to take the gloves off and surrender to the teachings of maybe the greatest mother medicine of them all. Ayahuasca is …

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psychedelics and surfing

Psychedelics and Surfing

If asked to conjure up a mental image of a surfer there are plenty of stereotypes to draw on like long hair, maybe lives in a van and smokes weed. Like most stereotypes, this view is myopic and surfing has evolved from a fringe counterculture activity to a sport worthy of a place in the …

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