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We are pleased to announce that the 47th annual Jean Gebser Society conference, "Seeing Through the World: Transparency and Planetization", will be held at Judson Memorial Assembly Hall, New York, NY on October 6th and 7th 2017.
Several people experience countless benefits when mixing cannabis and exercise. Find out how you can use cannabis as a pre-workout.
This guide discusses machine elves, clockwork elves, and other common DMT entities that people experience during a DMT trip.
We speak to nurse scholar, educator, and practitioner Caroline Dorsen about putting the care back into health care, and psychedelic research.
In a ceremony, everything matters and we attend to every detail. As we approach ecological healing with a ceremonial mind, more and more becomes visible for our attention.
Ayahuasca is telling humanity to wake up and take action. Dennis McKenna will be speaking on this topic, and more, this summer at the World Ayahuasca Conference in Spain, and sat down for this interview to talk about ayahuasca's message for humanity.
Every Santo Daime ritual, at least to a certain extent, is mediumistic in that the Daime is said to embody the consciousness of a vastly intelligent and compassionate divine Being, a Being that, for Santo Daime practitioners, is equated with the transformative Light and redemptive Love of the Christ.
Human language is both a blessing and a curse. Nowhere is this so apparent as when one is talking about oneself or expressing what one wants in ritual.
Saturn is about to enter Capricorn. What does it mean that Saturn is about to enter an Earth sign?
The mind searches for the cause – to understand, to blame, and then to fix – but in a complex non-linear system, it is often impossible to isolate causes.

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