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There are dozens of misconceptions and psychedelic myths. Read our guide to get the top myths debunked and learn the truth.
Consciousness is a real element in the real world. The brain and body do not produce it; they display it. And it does not cease when life in the body does. Consciousness is a reflection, a projection, a manifestation of the intelligence that “in-forms” the world.
You are likely keenly aware of many CBD misconceptions, but let us shine some scientific light on this cannabinoid and how it can support a psychedelic journey.
Organizing the sale of the Liminal Analytics library, I've been struck with the realization that life is so much more than some scribbled lines of text, no matter how beautiful they are.
At any one time we are all tuned in to certain channels of information -- a TV, radio, or internet channel, a book, a newspaper, a dialogue with another person. Psilocybin can tune us in to a hidden broadcast channel -- natural intelligence -- the only paradigm with a future.
What happens during ego death and how can you get there? Find out what it means and whether or not this phenomenon requires psychedelics.
Curious about smoking shrooms? We've got the lowdown on why it's not the way to go, and better methods to enjoy these magical fungi.
Take a trip with us back in time to review the Cascade Equinox Festival, held in Redmond, Oregon, September 22-24, 2023.
Ride this wave if you dare. Tidal Wave mushrooms are said to be one of the most potent trips out there. But just how strong are they?
Sacred geometry is all around us. It's in the food we eat, the flowers we pass on a morning walk, and often shows up in psychedelic journeys.

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