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Gary Lachman on Dark Star Rising, Trump, and the Occult

We interviewed Gary Lachman to discuss his new book, Dark Star Rising, and explored what Pepe the frog has to do with “hypersigils” and how magic was co-opted for nefarious purposes in the recent US election. Most importantly, Lachman suggests ways to move forward through this new occult battleground.


Crop Circles: Our creations? Or are we just getting previews?

Quick follow up from me. Thanks for all the comments! Here is a comment from a guy named Jason who wrote to me after reading this piece. Like me, a Brit now living on the U.S. West Coast who had been home visiting family in recent weeks. Thought some of you might find it interesting; I'm sure this is not an isolated experience. Discuss in 200 words or less….

Crop Circles: An Invitation

While the rest of the world watched Michael Jackson's funeral, a quiet stream of modern pilgrims arrived at my mother's village. A quick walk has me in the middle of an intricate solar system stenciled into the grain at a prehistoric ritual site. All mysteries lend themselves to detective work, and this year's crop formations, seventy in this area alone, presents a cryptic metaphysical riddle.


Entangled: Chapter Four

Still, surely she must summon help? While there was even the faintest
hope, surely she couldn’t just let her meat body expire? Could she? And
what would happen to her aerial body if she did? Perhaps she would just
go pop! and disappear?–From the novel, Entangled.

artists on spooky psychedelic art

Exploring Creepy Psychedelic Art

Psychedelic art typically refers to art that’s been inspired by the use of hallucinogens, and first came onto the art scene in the 60’s as a part of a counter-culture movement. Usually, these pieces feature a bright, strong color palette, kaleidoscopic swirls, intricate lettering and clear Art Nouveau inspirations. LSD was the common drug used …

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9 Trippy Halloween Costumes

Want to trip out this Halloween? Whether you’re heading to a party or creating a spooktacular haunted house, there are plenty of ways to integrate psychedelic-inspired designs into your costumes this year. And the best part is that you’ll be able to wear these again throughout the year (hello, rave season). Don’t be scared there’s …

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